Volvo Penta stern drives

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by Romat, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Romat
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    Romat New Member

    I have an older 280 stern drive on a small cabin cruiser, with a 225 hp 305 v-8. I have not had it in the water yet, due to numerous upgrades and repairs it is undergoing.
    One problem I have is the electric trim motor slips when lifting the leg. I understand this can be fixed applying greater spring tension on the clutch. Is there anyone out there delt with these before? Any advise would be appre-
    I also recently noticed someone mentioning about the cone clutches slipping in the drive unit causing the engine to over rev. Is this very common?
  2. PowerTech
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    PowerTech Senior Member

    It's all common out drives are the biggest pieces of **** ever invented.We send all our old out drives to these guys to fix. They got the stuff ,old housings,obsolete stuff,new stuff, and a good company not some B.S..
  3. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    Are you sure the gears and bushings are not worn out?
  4. Romat
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    Romat New Member

    I haven't even had the boat in the water yet. I am just trying to get familiar with the entire system, and learn about the kind of problems associated with Volvo Penta drives. It has 800 hours on it, and obviously sat in salt water for some time, (the barnacles did a good job of sticking to it) but the oil is green with absolutely no water in it.
    Apparently the leg would pull out of the water in reverse. So far I have not found anything broken and assume it may not have been adjusted correctly.
    Any information would be appreciated
    Thanks in advance

  5. Chuck Bates
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    Chuck Bates Junior Member

    Romat, contact Joe at Haney Marine in Maple Ridge. Ph.# 604-467-5256. He's helped me in the past with my Volvo.
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