Volvo Penta, resale market, is there one

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    Hi All,

    My first post, and I’m wanting not giving, sorry about that.

    I’m currently working in Europe, and have the opportunity to purchase a couple of Volvo Penta packages, engines, stern drives, controls etc.

    2 x Volvo Penta KAD 300 (6Cyl300 hp),with out-dives, controls, (could do with a freshen up although not many hrs).
    2 x Volvo Penta 2 year old’ D4 (4Cyl 300 Hp) electronic engines & drives, controls, minimal hrs.

    My question: is it worth my while to throw them into a container and ship to Aust?
    Is there a market for second hand engines and drives.
    If so, can anybody have a wild guess at what they would be worth?
    I understand this is a little vague, all depending on condition etc, so lets go with rebuilt by marine engineer, (me) can see running, great condition,etc
    Thanks in advance,

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    Can't answer for Aus, but there is a market in NZ if the price is right. The KAD 300's are not one of Volvo's best so I would be wary about them, but the D4's are probably better regarded as well as being current technology. Better engine at the lower hp rating though IMHO. Still pretty sellable if well priced however.
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