Volvo Penta IPS

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by TrendSetter, Dec 29, 2004.

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    Ok so who here has seen this thing first hand? I know they got the public veiwing of it in a few weeks, and it will be under a Four winns, a Cruisers, and a Tiara. seems to be very intersting set up they have there. still think prop manufacers are gonna be the big winners here annualy, then the guy who gets to replace the whole lower unit cause it is sacrafical. Just curious what everyones elses thoughts are. the perforamce looks awsome, handking should also be sweet. here is a link to the artical IPS
  2. gonzo
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    If an imboard powered boat where to hit the ground as hard as those drives need to break off, the struts would probably get driven into the hull. Overall seems like a good design. If you want more protection the boat can have skegs, like some inboards do. However, it would loose the high performance edge.
  3. kapnD
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    I like it! I have toyed with the idea of a reversed v-drive to put the propellor in clean water for maximum efficiency, but the angle was bad and the rudder impossible. The volvo unit is clean and compact, and duo-prop efficient too. I agree with Gonzo that the breakaway design could certainly minimize hull damage in grounding or collision. I also like the fact that almost any "outdrive" system integrates propulsion, cooling water, steering and exhaust systems in one installation, definately a cost savings over conventional inboard installation.
  4. tom kane
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    Designs change but the principle remains the same.1950`s and there was a steerable model with no rudder.

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  5. Dunkan

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    I've seen it
    I've driven it
    I love it...........
  6. Capt JD

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    Just delivered a cruisers 40W/IPS and it's unbelievable.
    Its Grrreat
  7. I hope they come with a sonar alert system, for the rock shoals we have in the Saint Lawrence River as it goes thru the " Thousand Islands ", all rocks. All mechanics may no longer go home on Friday nights. Tow Boat USA, liberty is cancelled. We HEAR KLUNKS day and night.
  8. A big block Mercruiser stern drive unit is less than a propshaft and rudder? Where, Who? The fact that only dual drive and upscale boats get them should tell you SOMETHING about the prices. My medication is ruining my suspicious mind. UMM UMMM.------I need a BRONZE magnet for salvage work.
  9. ABoatGuy
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    They are actually designed to break away without endangering the vessel. Hit the same rocks with conventional drive train gear and you also have a big expensive mess.
  10. gonzo
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    All it takes is a look at the charts, the shoals are marked in there. You seem very negative about new technology. What you like was new at some time too.
  11. You are mostly right on that. I have a much deeper and proven distrust of product claims with age. Very difficult to scam a more experinced consumer. I should be very suspicious where my money goes for a claimed product. Rich
  12. I am having a devil of a time finding enough reasons NOT to use a out of sight jet drive on the next boat. Different docking power levels of the engine is all I can come up with. Rich
  13. Chuck Bates
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  14. TrendSetter
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    the new drive system sounds intersting, and i think when they rip off the bottom like they are designed to.. volvo is banking on this so they can upsell a new unit... Now i am just waiting to find out more about this and get cert. in doing these so i can start bank rolling in this. however its nto all big money boats putting this in, Cruisers and Four winns are far from big money boats and they are both getting said drives... now if only my Tiara sources would fill me in on this system some more

  15. woodboat
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    They're not demoing these in boats that would be in the flats fishing!!!!!! What makes everyone think they are going to be ripping these things off left and right??? They are designed to replace inboards in boats 40+ feet. I have never even damaged a prop on my inboards because I never beach it, that's what the dinghy is for. If someone goes running these things aground they have more money than brains anyway.
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