Volvo Penta D12 in a commercial vessel

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by JAKEY, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. JAKEY
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    JAKEY New Member


    Im looking for two new engines for a new build 26m dive boat, 8m beam 220 tonnes, the volvo penta D12 is the most competitive on price compared to CAT C12's and Dussans, I dont have much experience of the volvo penta range and was wondering if anyone has any feedback on the reliability of them.

    The boat will spend a reasonable amount of time ate sea so dont want to buy them if they aint gonna last? any advice?
  2. Dean Smith

    Dean Smith Previous Member

    Volvo engines do not seem to have taken hold here in commercial craft
    Scanias have, very much so
    I put 2 in a mussel havester with jets close to 15 years back, they work hard and they have not had the heads off
    they were the 8 plus l motors
    Recently the firm built one with much bigger engines
    I always go to road transport See what is successful, Thru Eu, it is Scania, MAN Merc and Volvo Here it is Scania taking hold of the log truck and big truck market.
    To be honest I have seen a lot of busted Volvo engines on road but never seen a Scania broken--yet. Both being Swede maybe you could compare prices
  3. JAKEY
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    JAKEY New Member

    Thanks for the feedback, I have looked at Scania DI 12 59M engine of the same size which are a little more expensive than the volvo but cheaper than CAT.

    The only thing which I saw as slight negative was the fact they don't do a smaller engine for a genset circa 109kw. Although I have heard good things about the scania engine so may be well worth considering.

    Again thanks for the feedback, I may reconsider the scania
  4. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    I am not sure where your location is. The service quality of a local dealer should be one of the most important things to consider.
  5. murdomack
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    A few years ago I asked a friend, who owned a fishing boat building/repair yard, why you seldom saw Volvo Penta engines in fishing boats. He said they were regarded as a "soft engine". Fords were "hard" then, but he moved on to Daewoo / Doosan, which seems to have been the big sellers for many years with the fishermen here.
  6. JAKEY
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    JAKEY New Member

    So Volvo arent very popular in the states then, Scania have come back with a better offer which brings them a little closer to volvo so I mat be tempted to spend the extra cash

    Gonzo, we are on the North east of england and i will check out the service ratings of the local agents, thanks for the pointer
  7. Dean Smith

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    Agree with Gonzo
    Down here Scania are giving great service
    I am a Cummins man myself, but of late the Euros have really upped the game
    You can downrate your engine I would think.
    I should think UK has good Scania service, there are 9000, thats right, 9000 trucks passing through Dover each day of the year, to and from from Europe. You see Mercs and Scanias far down in Turkey and Syria, driven all the way eack week from Northern Eu, thats one long drag, so when you get so far from HOME sercice must be there
    What are you building? I can email you the scania installs if you wish
    Whatever make sure you have an engine with wet liners, pretty much all over say 6l are now I think
  8. JAKEY
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    JAKEY New Member

    9000 trucks ey, I have been taking more notice of trucks and DAF seem to be popular too.

    We're building a displacement vessel twin screw, with a bulbus bow. She is aimed at the evergrowing windfarm market here and will have a four point mooring system to enable her to track a cable along the seabed without using her engines. The props are 58" running on a 4" shaft on a 4.86:1 ratio, downrate ey? The 350 hp has been recommended by the architect and if anything I thought they may be a little light?

    Cummins have a plant near here where they manufacture engines but most are to big i guess, I think perkins is their smaller range?

    Im waiting for volvo to come back today before we make any decision on engines.

    If you could email the photos to that'd be cool, we've only got the first 10 frames laid so far but only started two weeks ago, we've mainly built pleasure craft which can be seen here
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    IF I were selecting an engine to live with for years , I would make a parts list , injectors , injection pump, electric injection control box ,in frame set (Pistons and liners , bearings) ,head and gasket set,normal stuff,
    and price them out.

    The price differences may be incredible.

    If its large enough the DD series 60 runs 1,500,000 miles in trucks before inframe .

    But as they are now a German co, the prices could be as insane as Volvo.

  10. Dean Smith

    Dean Smith Previous Member

    I'm sorry I thought you were looking for less power
    Ok tomorrow will ring around and get some photos for you
    Cummins still lead in Australia in boat market
    This company has always been the leader
    no they have 6 8 ,11, 14 litre engines . Cummins has never OVERATED, for sake of sales, whereas we oft say Volvo are hand grenade rated, just waiting to blow up
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    "Cummins has never OVERATED, for sake of sales"

    I think a 150 hp pickup truck engine is now near 500hp, at least on the 5 min pleasure boat rating is getting grotesque..

    Mfg of genuine marine engines will give 4 ratings , from pleasure boat staggering up on the plane , to 24/7 for actual work boats.

    The difference in ratings for the same engine , in different service is amazing.

    Just be sure YOU pick from the 24/7 list., and if there is NO 24/7 service listed , it is surely not what you want.

  12. Karl2
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    Karl2 Junior Member

    Not suggesting that Cummins is a bad motor but:
    8.3 L, 600 hp @ 3,000 rpm.....10.8 L, 715 hp @ 2,500 rpm.....Hmmmm

  13. Dean Smith

    Dean Smith Previous Member

    you must look at the HOUR P.A ratings
    When you fit a Cummins they grill you on hrs, use, and all of that, they then fit the rating to suit
    I saw a B4 do 15000 hrs as a genset engine without the head off.
    When I worked for Cummins at 400000 miles in a line haul truck in a ntc 855 engine we just turned the bearing shells over.
    I think being the biggest engine manufacturer they shine
    they do not build trucks haulpaks, loaders, dozers ships , but they sure as hell are chosen by the manufacturers
    In saying that, I love the Scania
  14. mark775

    mark775 Guest

    All good, including the Volvo. They all will rate for pleasure ( a few hundred hours before death from "marine age" ) to sell engines. I presently have a D9-500 Volvo which has not burped nor burned one drop of fluid, has not hiccupped, has not missed a beat in 4,700 hours. Though 500 HP is too much, I run easy.
    The Cat dealer in my area (Alaska) renders them absolutely out-of-the-question (Also, the ACERT system is a joke if they are still on that dead-end track), and Scania is not well represented here. Remaining are Volvo and Cummins - thankfully both very good. When I wear out this engine I plan to rebuild. When I wear it out again, I will consider Volvo if I don't rebuild then (I put on maybe 1,000 hrs. per year).

  15. Dean Smith

    Dean Smith Previous Member

    good on yer Mark
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