Volvo open 70

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    Volvo 70

    Paul, looks great! What kind of extra lateral resistance are you going to use with the canting keel? In your last post you said you were developing the keel so I assume you would have some idea on this....
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    Is there a type of sheerline that is required? Just wondering.
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    The solutions adopted to reduce leeway angle come from setting up another lifting surface to generate an extra amount of lateral force. My initial plan was to add an additional forward foil in the yacht’s centreline which would rotate as a rudder does, The second solution, used in Open60 and
    Mini650 yachts, is a non symmetrical retractable foil (Dagger Board) this would be either a NACA or Eppler section. These yachts have two of these foils, on in each side. When the yacht heels, the leeward foil are used to generate extra lateral force and the windward foil is lifted up to reduce drag. I still have masses of research to do in this area, and with my strict time scale, i am not going to be able to go into this important aspect of the design as much as i would have liked.
    There are set measurements in the rules which define the shear line at three sections along the hull, they do not leave much to play with, if you want to look at the rules, you can access them through the link below:
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    Thanks for link nico, very helpful
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    Lorsail, in your opinion, would a single retractable, self tacking daggerboard be sensible for a boat this size, and would it be better than having twin retractable daggerboards offset from the centre line. Because all appendages can only move in one plane, the rotating foil would be unsuitable for the downwind design of the open 70.
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    lateral resistance

    Read Nico's post #17 and talk to him - I'd look seriously at CBTF ; it's proven to be very fast. Also look at what the first two or three 70's are using. But I guess nothing would be better than using the most extensive design testing and evaluation tools you can get access to-except maybe two boat testing.
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    Going Hollywood

    ...courtesy of Scuttlebutt...

    Hollywood announced a swashbuckling assault on the British-based Volvo Ocean Race in a highly original joint venture. The makers of the second in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, the Walt Disney Company, will have their racing yacht built at the Green Marine facility in Lymington, Hampshire, in time to start the round-the-world race from Galicia, north-west Spain, in November.

    Helping with the initial funding of the £8m to £10m campaign is the Volvo Car Company (a joint holding with the Ford Motor Company) and Volvo AB, but the plan is to replace that funding from other commercial sponsors. The boat, to be named The Black Pearl, will then be used for the duration of the race, which finishes in Sweden in June 2006 and features stopovers at Cape Town, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Baltimore, Portsmouth and Rotterdam, to promote the film before its release in July 2006.

    In addition, Disney will use the race to develop video games and publishing initiatives. It is the seventh confirmed entry in the event - there are hints of an eighth in the wings-- and most of the 10-strong crew, and the skipper,will be American. The film's star, Johnny Depp, is not expected to be one of them, even though he enjoys sailing, but may make an appearance at a stopover or the New York pit stop. Disney wants the boat to do well and is thought to be talking to the likes of Paul Cayard, Kenny Read, and Chris Larsen to take the helm.

    "This takes us to a whole new level in terms of global profile and exposure," the chief executive of the race, Glenn Bourke, said. - Excerpts from a story by Stuart Alexander in the Independent, full story:

    Curmudgeon's Comment: The 'Pirates' campaign will be headed by Atlantic Ocean Racing, the syndicate company of Richard Brisius and Johan Salen.

    Pirates of the Caribbean stars Keira Knightley, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are taking to the high seas for real by joining a round-the-world yacht race, it was announced today. The Hollywood trio will help to crew a boat taking part in the gruelling Volvo Ocean Race. The vessel will be named the Black Pearl - after the pirate ship in the film - and its sail will feature a giant skull and crossbones. It is all part of a marketing stunt to promote the forthcoming release of the sequel Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

    The stars will split the race between them - Knightley will join the boat while it is in Europe, Bloom will cover South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and Depp will be on board when the yacht reaches the US and Brazil. Each will undergo rigorous training at the race HQ in Portsmouth. And while the rest of the crew must put up with the sort of living conditions yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur endured during her recent round-the-world voyage, the actors will be living in comparative luxury. A special "Hollywood-style" berth is being built for them on the boat. A spokesman said: "We will be laying on Egyptian cottons sheets, freshly cut flowers and special menus for each star." Knightley, 19, Depp, 41, and Bloom, 28, will take part in the inshore races at each of the main stopover ports.
    - Anita Singh,
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    Pirate Ship Follow-up

    ...again courtesy Scuttlebutt...

    It still has not been determined who will skipper the Walt Disney Co. entry in the Volvo Ocean Race, although you can be reasonably sure it won't be Mickey Mouse. Many questions remain unanswered involving the United States entry in the 2005-2006 around the world race, which was announced yesterday. What is certain is that a Volvo 70 sloop will carry the Disney logo and graphics promoting "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest".

    Volvo officials would not reveal the financial commitment made by the Walt Disney Co. An average Volvo Ocean Race campaign costs between $15-18 million. "There are discussions ongoing with other potential partners. There are business entities that would like to be involved with a high-profile campaign such as this," Volvo Ocean Race spokesman Cameron Kelleher said, who declined to say whether Disney would fully fund the syndicate if necessary.

    Glenn Bourke, CEO of Volvo Ocean Race, said it was important to secure an American entry to build interest in the race. Baltimore-Annapolis will host the lone U.S. stopover from April 20 to May 7, 2006. "We have found it really important in terms of spectator interest to have an affiliation between a competing team and a port," Bourke said. "Obviously, the one big market that was missing for this race was the U.S., and I certainly think this entry will fill the void." Bourke said Volvo officials and Disney executives have been in discussion about a partnership for about six months. He called it "groundbreaking" that a U.S. company the stature of Disney would get involved with professional sailing sponsorship.

    Atlant Ocean Racing, headed by Richard Brisius and Johan Salen, will manage the Disney campaign. Brisius and Salen are veterans of the event, having organized the winning EF Language campaign in 1997-98 and the ASSA ABLOY campaign that was runner-up in 2001-02. Contacted yesterday in Sweden, Brisius said details of the arrangement with Disney have not been finalized. Atlant Ocean Racing already has a Volvo 70, drawn by Farr Yacht Design, under construction at Green Marine in the United Kingdom. Brisius said there was a strong possibility the Disney boat would be built off the same female mould already owned by Atlant Ocean Racing, but that contracts have not been signed.

    Brisius said it was a prerequisite that the skipper and at least half the crew be U.S. citizens. Sources said that renowned San Francisco sailor Paul Cayard has been contacted about skippering the Disney entry. Cayard led EF Language to victory and thus has a strong relationship with Brisius and Salen. Annapolis resident Chris Larson, who served as tactician aboard ASSA ABLOY, is another professional with ties to Brisius and Salen. Brisius said Atlant Ocean Racing's original boat is due to be launched in June. He was hopeful the "Pirates" boat could be in the water by September in order to leave time for the required 2,000-mile test sail.
    Excerpts from a story
    by Bill Wagner, The Capital online, full story:
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    Disney sponsorship observations

    ...courtesy Scuttlebutt...

    * From Magnus Wheatley: At first I thought it was an early April Fool but
    reading Stuart Alexander's report on Hollywood coming to the Volvo and
    knowing the revered stature of Britain's most incisive yachting journalist,
    I realised it was anything but. Hands up to Glenn Bourke and the Volvo race
    organiser's, you've pulled the rabbit out of the hat and scored big in this
    exciting and innovative sponsorship deal by persuading a film company to
    promote its upcoming global film on the back of the race - absolutely
    brilliant! Just when all the sponsorship avenues seemed closed or plugged
    you've found a new channel to market. I didn't think the Volvo would get
    more than 5-6 entrants and looked like a lame duck. I was wrong and I doff
    my cap to Glenn and his team.

    * Fro Kim Noyes: I had to check my calendar while reading the first 2
    stories in Scuttlebutt 1800. I thought for sure this was the April 1
    edition sent early. Hollywood stars sailing a Disney boat in the Volvo
    Ocean Race...good one. Now which lucky star gets the Southern Ocean leg?

    * From Gareth Evans (With reference to the Volvo/ Disney Pirate Ship): I
    have studied the latest RRS and cannot find any paragraphs that prohibit
    the use of canons on board a racing yacht. It may be covered by Section 69:
    Gross Misconduct, although that would be for the protest committee to
    decide. I had to check the date when reading that story - are you sure
    you're not a week early?

    * From Scott Smith: Finally, a U.S. entry for the Volvo! Great news . . .
    or is it? Reading down, we learn that this "U.S." entry is bankrolled by
    none other than Volvo itself, is being run by a Swedish company, is
    building and training in the U.K., and is promoting a movie about the
    Caribbean. OK, so maybe it's not really a U.S. entry. We can live with that
    in order to get some more competition in the race. But what about the
    dignity of the event? Do they really think that a cartoonish skull and
    crossbones boat reflects well on the heritage of this great event? What
    next, eye patches, cutlasses and peg legs for the crew? And what about
    "Hollywood berths" for the movie star visits? Even tongue-in-cheek, does
    this honor the commitment and effort of the real crews who put their lives
    on the line to be a part of this great adventure? Shiver me timbers!
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    Woody Paul-
    Are the VO 70s allowed to use trim tabs on the forward daggerboard? If the rule lets you than you should look into a TMF-type system. If the rule doesnt, than two offset daggerboards will probably better. Whatever you are using, you are going to want it to be retractable for offwind work, especially considering the VO 70s will be in the Southern Ocean.
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    Cayard on Black Pearl

    * Excerpt from Paul Cayard's report aboard The Black Pearl:
    Still rippin' it up. We did 480 miles on the Pearl in the past 24 hours
    and believe me we are trying not to go too fast. She is capable of leaping
    small buildings if you are not careful and the landings are a bit brutal.
    She is not a ballerina, more of a belly flopper. Not going to be a
    comfortable ride around the world. The 60's were less violent that this
    baby. Awesome machine though.

    We have had the full fire hose conditions most of today and inside it
    feels like you are getting dragged down a cobblestone street in a 55
    gallon drum. Typing is not easy in these conditions. I end up backspacing
    and retyping a lot. All pretty similar to my other experiences. One
    difference is the constant speed. We are definitely going to get their
    quicker. The boat is very easily driven and won't need much sail area.

    Full report at
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    Juan Carvajal Naval Architect

    Hallo, I am spanish student. I am Naval architect. I need information about VO70 ship.I am doing my Project about this kind of ship.If somebody have information, whatever, I am very greatful. Really, I would like to get real dimensions (length,beam,draft..)...somebody have design in Maxsurf or Rhino.
    I looking forward your answer...thank you
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    Guillermo Ingeniero Naval

    Hola, Juan
    Search the threads for VO70 and enjoy.
    Un saludo.

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    Hi Paul

    Did you ever finish this design? I would be interested in seeing it. I want to build a Volvo70 model and was wondering if you would be happy to part with some of the basic plans to assist me.
    Many thanks
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