Volvo B30 motor help

Discussion in 'Inboards' started by PupTent, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. PupTent
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    PupTent New Member

    Volvo B30 straight six

    sorry i'm new to the forum world :confused:
    Q: it looks like i might need a new or used motor. do i need to find another Volvo B30 or can i use a Chevy 350, 305 or any other motor:?:

    Q: i know the outdrive is bad. what should i be looking for in a outdrive? can i use any outdrive:?:

    Q: Can i just use a outboard motor or can i convert my boat in to an inboard only:?:

    for Photos of my boat and more
  2. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    Hi puptent, welcome aboard!

    Your rig is proving to be a devil to look up. I could find no references to your engine's serial or model numbers in the Volvo public databases. The closest match was the 4-cylinder BB30, built 1962-69, definitely not what you're looking for. As for the builder- presumably the "Critchfield" logo on your hull is original- there seem to be conflicting reports, some leading to a mom-and-pop boatyard in Louisiana, others to a dealer in Florida, none in agreement with each other. Perhaps someone more experienced than I am has seen either this engine or this boat before.

    As for repowering, given equipment of this vintage, you have a few options. (I presume you've checked the B30 and know it's shot- it might not be.)

    Probably the safest bet is to pull this engine and drive completely and put in a new or refurbished engine/drive package of more modern design- a 5.0 or 5.7 with either a Volvo DPS or Merc Bravo 3 would be high on my list; also the Volvo SX or Merc Alpha would be possible if you prefer single-prop drives.

    Converting to outboard engines might be possible. You'd be best to hire a naval architect to calculate the new weight balance and required structural reinforcement and reconstruction in this case. It may prove to be too much weight too far aft for this hull.

    Converting to a pure inboard (straight shaft or V-drive) would almost certainly be more trouble than it's worth; this would involve a lot of re-engineering, moving the engine around, adding rudder system, hull modifications.... I think your best bet, IF you really want to restore the boat (and recognize that you'll probably not recoup the investment), would be to modernize the sterndrive configuration for which it was originally built.
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  3. PupTent
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    PupTent New Member


    Thanks for the info!
    i will look in to a refurbished engine/drive package i might luck up and find one.

    p.s. Price on use motor/drive ?
  4. pila
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    pila Junior Member

    That engine appears to be an auto conversion, like a Chevy inline 6. It may even be a better idea to try to identify the original engine, and get an automotive exchange engine, and get the out-drive rebuilt. If it's an auto conversion, all the marine parts on the engine could fit the rebuilt/exchange engine. Going a whole different route, like an inboard or outboard, could cost more than re-doing the original set-up, and there are engineering issues to consider when doing a completely drive set-up. Like weight & balance, engine mounts to the stringers etc

    I would thing some auto type people could identify the make/model of the basic engine.
  5. dave the brave
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    dave the brave New Member

    Hi The engine you have is a volvo b 30 170hp.
    It was first fitted to a volvo 164 that was in the late 1960s
    it was later used for boating early1970s
    the engine had the carbs changed from six to three
    the water pump removed & a jabsco pump fitted to the crank end.
    there are still some in use.
    the one i have fitted to my boat runs well i have upgraded the ignition but apart from that it is standard.
    however i think it has lost a few horses over the years.
  6. zorton01
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    zorton01 Junior Member

    This engine the B30, seems to be the same that was used by volvo Penta called AQ165, both are 2978cc. The outdrive on the pic must be a 250 (versions A,B,C,D, depending on gear ratio, 1.35,1.61,1.89,2.15 respectively). I'm repowering a boat with the same engine now, have you find any solution?
  7. PupTent
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    PupTent New Member

    the boat is just siting in my yard. i just do not know were to start. i moved it back on my to do list, so i hope i get to work on it this yaer and get it to work. i do not have much set aside to spend on it right now, so it might just set their for a little longer. i might can rebuild the motor but it looks like i will need a new/used sterndrive. i need a step by step on how to fixit :)
  8. Serj
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    Serj New Member

    I've got the same engine. But my water pump is a trash. In case your engine is unrepairable for a reasonable summ of money (according to foto it'll cost you alot)- I'd be glad to buy both pumps from you.
    I think it is a good idea to buy another sterndrive+engine, because your (and mine) engine is very old and rare - almost any spare parts cost alot, and are never in stock. I have to use some custom-made parts because Volvo Penta does not have one for such an old engine.
  9. Captain Haddock
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    Captain Haddock New Member

    We are in the same "boat"

    Hello there

    I have a V.P. B30 as well, just about same condition as yours. I have found several spare parts on this site as well as exploded drawings (nice to have when you need to put the s... together) but they are expensive. I still have a problem though, getting some special spare parts as well. If anybody find a good "source", pls let us know a.s.a.p.

    Best...Captain Haddock among freinds
  10. Captain Haddock
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    Captain Haddock New Member

    By the way, your boat could be a Safir Cabin 22 foot!
  11. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    You can replace it with a newer VolvoPenta or Mercruiser 3.0 package. They are 140HP
  12. hagiz
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    hagiz New Member

    If any of you guys decide to sell parts from your old VOLVO PENTA AQ 165 / AQ 170 please let me know !!!

    Best regards, Hagiz
  13. Mikestang84
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    Mikestang84 New Member

    I have a 1977 Glastron with a running AQ170 Volvo Penta and 280 outdrive that I will sell you complete. That way you get everything.
  14. whitepointer23

    whitepointer23 Previous Member

    terrific engine, i have had 2 aq170,s. the b30 is the same as the car engine in some ways, except the blocks were cast in the uk for the marine version and the timing gears are stronger, it also has much heavier valve springs, i love them because they are so simple and bullet proof. the triple carbys are a pain so i made an adaptor which bolted over the standard manifold and fitted a 2 barrel stromberg carby, after that i never had any trouble again. if you rebuild yours check the head water passage size, they corrode a bit and can get to thin between the jacket and fire rings, i welded mine and had it faced. the old b20 4 cyl 115 hp is the same engine with 2 less pots and are still sought after in europe, they get 270 hp out of them in rally cars.

  15. tio55
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    tio55 New Member

    used aq170a/aq165a goog used parts

    Hagiz, I am in process of rebuilding aq165a. I bought a 2ed aq170a that the parts will interchange. I have bored my block and had to buy 0.75mm oversize pistons. I have 10 ea. good std. pistons,the compreshion check did not veary over 30 lbs. I have used crank and cam out of 2ed engine.Dont know for sure if I want to part out or rebuild 2ed engine. I have 2ea good oil pumps,put out 45-50 lbs@900-1000 rpm.3ea solex down draft carbs,two work good one looks like the jet is stop recorded on camcorder of carbs and oil pump pressure. Have a good set of heads,ex. manfold ,intake manfold, dist. starter,flywheel bell housing sea water pump,oil cooler and copper waterlines,a good main block is in mechane shop. I need to make sure i dont need old parts what do you need.
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