Volvo 270 drive w/Ford 302?

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by Slayder, Aug 2, 2004.

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    Slayder New Member

    I bought a boat that has an Volvo AQ130C motor w/ 270 drive. The motor needs to be rebuild. I can get an (Auto) Ford 302 for cheap, what would it require to make it fit onto the 270 drive? and to convert it to a marine motor.

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    Lord's Prayer Lord,s Prayer

    Lord's Prayer

    Hello, my name is josh,

    I'm extremely curious about the Ford 302/270inboard hook up that you talked to dan about. I love horsepower and I would love some info on what to do with my Glastron V184/with a volvo270 so I can have some fun.
  4. marshmat
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    Dan- Rebuilding the 130 would probably be easier than trying to cram a car Ford in there.

    Josh- Sell the Glastron and buy an old Hydrostream. That'll get you some fun! (Actually, there's a fair bit you can do with the Glastron- what powertrain are you running now? There's a lot of add-ons you can put on some of the common engines.)

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    If you increase the HP, then you'll have to change the gear ratio. It is quite expensive. Also, the prop will have to match. Hotrodding is not for the poor.
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