Volunteers / Interns Wanted at James Wharram Designs, Cornwall, UK

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by JCaprani, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've been volunteering at JWD in Devoran for 6 months now, building the Amatasi alongside another volunteer. The boat will be shown at Beale Park next week as a work in progress.

    The first hull is finished but not yet painted. All the crossbeams are ready and the deck is half done. So we need to make the second hull, both masts, sprits, sails, steering paddles,rigging, complete the deck, paint and then do the sea trials.

    Photos of the most recent work are visible HERE.

    It's been briliant and we've both learnt so much from working with Hanneke and James, the skills I have learnt here have built my confidence and helped me to find a new job. We also had a lot of fun sailing the Tahiti Wayfarer after work. It is a very beautiful part of the world here and great for surfing, cycling, walking and all outdoor pursuits. But I have to go to a job in the Algarve on the 22nd June and Mick has a project in Rhode Island on the 13th July.

    So, James and Hanneke would like one or possibly two volunteers to help finish the project; ideally, people who can commit for 8 weeks or more.

    This is a volunteer job, so there's no wage, but accomodation and meals are provided. You will meet interesting people, develop your woodworking abilities and learn some new skills. Anyone interested please email me: jcaprani@gmail.com - a cv and some photos of any other projects you've done would also be good.

    Thanks and all the best,

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