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    That seems a very measured response. I was concerned there could have been a knee jerk reaction to the breakages in the last race.

    But it still has to be seen if there remains any appetite for the race amongst the sailors, sponsors and above all the public. Here in the UK there is total confusion amongst the general public about 'round the world' races. Long gone are the simple days of 'just' (!) having crewed, solo, non stop, stopping, upwind, downwind distinctions between the various races. Now with so many branded events, I don't know any non-sailors that know the difference between say, the Clipper Round the World Race and the Volvo. The Clipper certainly gets more network TV air time as local towns are involved.

    So I guess if Volvo and the other sponsors are going to extract any publicity from future races, they probably do need to go where ever, and stop over where ever, to gain publicity, even if sailors bemoan the loss of purity in the race course. But with such lack of understanding amongst most of any sponsor's target audience (ie the public), would it really matter if the boats weren't so extreme?

    In fact, would it really matter if the event didn't attract the best sailors either? I'm sure there are plenty of 'good' sailors who would, for a reasonable fee, 'race' around the world in their mobile bill boards, giving good interviews about their daring-do to the media in the various 'emerging market' publicity hot spots. (That's new speak for towns that were formally known as 'stop overs, and chosen for the proximity to the race course).
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    I think all of these are sensible reforms. Only time and future races will tell if they are adequate.

    The canting ballast keel is here to stay. Purist, such as myself, will just have to learn to live with it.

    Someday all racing keel boats witllhave canting ballast unless it is expressedly forbidden. And now there seems to be no real rational reason to ban them.


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