VLID parameter within AQWA in a round semi-submersible

Discussion in 'Software' started by lyreco32, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Hi Inventus,

    Our OpenFOAM model is really only of academic value. It works, in the sense that things move, and the fluid moves, and it spits out values, but I really wouldn't trust it for actual projects.

    My goal in developing it was for non linear roll damping. I created the project from reading various graduate studies and got someone to help me get started. I found I do not have the background to improve the numerical model and believe the problem is largely intractable without a minimum of 8 to 12 cpu cores, preferably 16 to 20, and I don't have that available.

    The problems you are analyzing sounds fascinating. It would be really cool to add viscous damping results from a CFD model to improve the inviscid potential flow model computed by AQWA. Such an approach could be very realistic and lends itself to many applications, e.g. for interactions between structures, vertical plane non-linear wetting, green water on deck, etc.
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    Thanks for the reply, we realise that this is no trivial problem :confused: . To add CFD or model test data results into our model would improve the results for roll, pitch, heave and especially the motion of water in the harbour.

    I guess we have to be satisfied with the VLID option.

    Thank you and good day to you

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    Hi everyone!

    I would need of wave elevation in some points around the body.

    I would like define a FPNT element (External Fluid Field Point Element) and for it, to obtain the Wave Elevation RAO.

    Does anyone know how define this element with relative wave amplitude results?

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