Victron vs Mastervolt

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by GoSlow, May 4, 2009.

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    I have been looking at both Masetrvolt and Victron for an inverter system of about 10kw in size. With Victron there will be three 3kw inverters ganged together and with Mastervolt there is the option of having multiple DC to DC converters and a single DC to AC inverter which I think controls the DC to DC converters. Both seem to be fine companies with good reputations but I have no experience with either so I would like some feedback with those of you who have used products (preferably inverter systems) from these companies. Would prefer no company bashing. As I understand these systems, should I lose the operation of one of the ganged Victron inverters I can continue to get use from the other two. I am not sure what happens to the system if I lose the DC to AC inverter on the Mastervolt. I suspect that may render the system inoperable. Redundancy is an important aspect of this design as we will be in remote locations much of the time.
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    Victronenergy is the answer.
    Ways ahead of Mastervolt in every aspect I do┬┤nt install other brands since several years now, and I install plenty of them.
    Both brands allow for redundant installations though.

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    One more tick for Victron, used it for years, also they actually look after people with warranty problems (yes they do occur, mostly from stupidity though).

    The redundancy factor alone if you ignore brands is enough to swing that way.
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    Can you compare Victron with another brand? I doubt that very much.
    Unlike others they do not buy their products in China and just put a sticker on it. Their products excel in mechanical stability and use only industry standard electronic parts, available all over the world.
    What I particularly like is their philosophy to distribute electrical loads over lots of small transistors rather than just a few extreme high-power devices.
    The advantage is clear: if you distribute 100 Amps over 20 devices and one fails, the performance of the inverter is hardly impaired.

    In my opinion, the only reason to not buy Victron could be the price...

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    Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.

    The poor man pays twice.
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