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Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by whitepointer23, Jan 9, 2012.

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    i am picking up a new boat next week that has a vicalen jet with 2 barrel 350 chev. just wondering if any one has info on them. i know the manufacturers son has some old posts on here , so hopefully he will read this. i tested the boat yesterday and was very impressed with it , planing at 2200 rpm and absolutely flying at 3500 rpm, i hadn't been in a jet boat for 25 years and i had forgotten how good they handle. reading all the complaints about jets on this site i think there must be a lot of poorly set up boats out there. this vicalen jet does seem to perform a lot better than the 3 stage colorado we had when i was a kid. anyway some info on vicalen jets would be great.
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    Hi there, I am the manufacturers son. Please feel free to contact me and maybe i can help you.
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    jet boat club nsw and australia

    brent would be a great source of information for your new boat..!

    also visit our club to see all manner of jet boat photos and videos in australia. join up and you will recieve a monthly magazine, sample is on web site. we have members getting together most weekends year round and organised club outings each month. send me an email via our web site if you wish to chat. matthew

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    thanks wilfred, i have been emailing brent and he sent some great brochures from when they were selling the jets. i have had a look at your site, i will be joining up.
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