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    I'm new here, so if this is the wrong forum to ask these questions, please inform me on where to look for the answers. I'm in the extreme early stage of looking at a boat to fit my needs, probably a year or 2. Anyways, it seems the more I read the more confused I get at times. I fish the Lower Chesapeake Bay and out 20 Nm occasionally. In the bay you are subject to 2-3ft chop at times and oceanside 2-4ft seas. The chop is more upsetting, as the seas are more swells than anything. I am trying to determine monohull designs that will be good for both conditions while staying on plane and not pounding you to death. I'm looking in the 24-26ft length range with a cabin. Deadrise seems to vary from 18degrees to 24degrees, depending on brand/model. There is also a weight factor and drive issues such as outboard vs I/O, but I'll stick to hulls right now. I'm not a speed demon, but would like to maintain a 25 -27 kts. As far as the deadrise goes, how much difference in ride is there between an 18 and 24 deadrise, or 21 and 24 deadrise? Will one of these do well for chop and not be as "rolly" as the higher deadrise(24)? Where does weight figure in on the ride,heavier=better for these conditions? What about cabin forward vs more centered?

    Thanks for the help! -Ted
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    Forgot to ask where beam figures in as well, 8 1/2 vs 9ft on a 24-26fter.
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    I'm by no means an expert, but your request reminded me of Ray Hunt's monohull designs, suited to the conditions you describe. There was an extensive article about him in Soundings recently, and you can see his designs still in productionat:


    He seemsto favor 22-1/2 to 23 degrees deadrise.

    Good searching.
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