Vetus Bullflex flange details

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by ldigas, Apr 18, 2012.

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    I don't know how much is Vetus represented in other parts of the world, other than Europe that is, so I'm not expecting much, but still ... here goes.

    My Vetus dealer is being a little less cooperative then usual, for certain reasons, so I'm asking here - is anyone here familiar with Vetus's Bullflex range of flanges?

    The one I'm particularly interested in is model 32 - 3270 to be exact, as described on page 14 of the following r09 08-04.pdf

    I cannot figure out from the document what is the length of the shaft that goes "in it". Does the flange "grips" the shaft only by length (A) 135mm, or in its full length 265mm?

    Also, has anyone got any alternative manufacturers that offer this kind of flanges? Something that can handle a dose of misalignment, of 1-2 degrees, and has adapter compatibility for Yanmar engines? 6LY3-STP is the engine in question, 324kW at 1360 rpm. The propeller shaft is either 60 or 70mm (still to be decided).
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