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    Please i am a student and needs direction and answer t0 the below question.

    The Waterline length of a vessel is 29.5 metres and for the purposes of this assignment has been divided into ten equal segments with the half areas and Waterplane half breadths at each section, from aft, being as follows:-

    Station Half area, m² Waterplane half breath (meters)
    0 0.0 0.0
    1 3.04 1.7
    2 4.90 2.6
    3 5.02 2.4
    4 4.62 3.4
    5 4.21 3.4
    6 3.80 3.4
    7 3.38 3.4
    8 2,93 3.4
    9 1.79 2.9
    10 0.00 0.0

    Using Simpson’s rules calculate the displacement in salt water and also the position of the longitudinal centre of buoyancy.
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    Welcome to the Forum Michael.
    Do you have a text book about basic naval architecture?
    Or where you given notes in class prior to receiving this assignment?

    Rather than having somebody on here solving the problem for you, how about if you show your workings so far, and tell us a bit more about where you need direction?
    Even if it is a photo of a hand written rough calculation.
    I don't think that new members are allowed to add attachments (such as a photo) until they have about 5 posts recorded, but if required, you could email me a photo of your calculations so far, and I will post it on here for you.

    Edit : Just a polite suggestion - it is always useful to use the 'search' function on this forum to see if the topic you are interested in has been covered before.
    I asked Google a question about Simpson's rule and LCB, to see what it would come up with, and it gave me a link to this thread 10 years ago on this Forum -
    question on calculating LCB with simpson's rule
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