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Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by missinginaction, Nov 10, 2012.

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    As I've built my boat over the past few years I've discovered that simply keeping a good size household fan on the cabin (running on a timer a few hours a day) eliminates condensation, mildew and generally keeps the boat clean and sweet smelling.

    As I get ready to launch her in the spring (finally!) I'd like to install some 12 volt fans in areas of the boat that won't see much air movement to keep her from getting stale when I'm not aboard.

    I've looked at the typical 12 volt fans sold at exorbitant prices for marine use but I don't really like them regardless of price.

    These fans are going in the cabin area, not the engine compartment and will not be exhausting fuel fumes. They'll just be pushing air around the cabin and v-berth.

    Has anyone used computer case fans for this purpose? They are inexpensive, quiet, have a long lifespan and could easily be mounted in a partition or fabricated enclosure. They also run on 12 volts and pull a small fraction of an amp (typically around 0.2 amps)!

    Something like this...... 200 Silent Fan

    Of course smaller versions are made 120 or 140mm.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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  3. Frosty

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    Forget the marine label > truckers use fans to keep cool when driving. They are the same a the boat shop and even have an oscillatory mechanism.

    Yes a 6 inch computer fan can be used and are --just--- good enough to keep you cool in your bunk in the stagnant tropical evenings for those wanting economical or have frugal 12 V supplies
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    If you are planning to use the computer type fans go for the new versions with the magnetic bearings they are very quiet.
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    Can you post prices for fans?
  6. missinginaction
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    I originally was thinking of using a couple of 200mm fans in the cabin//berth and a couple of smaller ones (120-140mm) tucked in under the side decks and in the electrical cabinet. From what I've seen they're pretty cheap. Between $10 and $20 each. Perhaps I'll set them up on a timer and run them on a 24 hour circuit, such as you'd use for a bilge pump.

    These people seem to have pretty good prices.


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    I've used muffin fans for several boats, including a few installed in boat covers with a solar cell. I get them from > <. With some ingenuity, you can arrange them on rechargeable batteries and a solar cell. More importantly have them reverse flow at night, when convection is in the opposite direction.
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