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    I'm looking for a ventilation fan for passengers - like in a car - for one of my designs, the recently launched "Contender".
    As you can see, the vessel is open at the rear, so the fan would need to be reasonably high volume to have any noticeable effect. It would also have to be 12 volt, continuously rated and quiet.
    The idea being that there would be dash-type outlets, much like in a car.

    Any suggestions?

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  2. michael pierzga
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    Those choice of dc brushless fans and blowers is endless.

    Ive only used AC blowers via an inverter. This company Ventilair has good air circulation gear. I use many of there vent components

    Brushless dc blowers would certainly work. I use them for my windscreen defoggers.

    You need to decide how much air you need to move,

    The ac system is nice because you can use the controllers that match the system.

    My ac blower system is on a timer switch...after one hour or whatever you set the switch to, the power goes off to prevent running down the batteries.
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    CDK retired engineer

    I'm afraid there is no room for a powerful fan and ducts in the dash as it is right now. Passenger cars all use large diameter radial fans hidden under the dashboard or a recessed part of the footwell and they are still quite noisy at full speed.
    The starboard double wall may have possibilities if that is not already occupied.
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  4. michael pierzga
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    No reason why you cant mount the blower remote from the vents.

    Do remember to install a decent filter or your ducting will soon fill with creepy crawlers.

    Standard home heating system filters do the job for me. I have to trim them down a bit with scissors.

    Is your problem heat generated by the greenhouse ? or heat radiating thru the cockpit sole from the engine room ?

    One of these days...on the next new build...Im going to watercool the engine room ceiling, cockpit floor. I suffer greatly on this boat from engine room heat via the cockpit sole, in the wheelhouse. Wheelhouse temp will hover around 40 degrees in summer on a long motorsail passage.

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    Got any numbers on the glass used for the canopy?

    Do the following- get a globe temp measurement- if you don't have the proper stuff, stick a thermometer or probe in a black metal container such as a cast iron dutch oven. Use the tool below to get Mean Radiant Temp and evaluate the range of flow rates and ambient temp combos that work. There is a little tab at the bottom of the tool to bring up the globe temp input screen.

    MRT -

    tool -

    Then you will have some target numbers.
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