Velvet drive 10-17 issues 1:1

Discussion in 'Inboards' started by Ryan351, May 25, 2010.

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    Hello all, new to the forum and am really hoping for some help/guidance on this.

    I've got an 86 supra 351 PCM with 10-17 1:1 drive.

    Ok heres the whole story-
    I acquired the boat with no reverse but FWD was fine and drove it that way for about 2-3 summers (michigan). Last year I installed a new engine and rebuilt the trans, input to output. Minus bearings. Reinstalled it, and everything worked perfect for about 20 hrs or so and REV went again. Drove all last year with just FWD.
    Did some research and found out that the damper plate was most likely the culprit for my clutches going bad. So I replaced that this year as well.
    I only went into the trans far enough to swap out REV clutches and springs and clean out the case.
    Re-installed-now I do not have FWD or REV. Nothing.
    I opened the trans filler port, and its bubbling and making noises from inside.
    I thought that I had installed the pump incorrectly, so I pulled it out but it was correct for my LH rotation engine. Went back into the trans and didn't see anything wrong. Re-installed. Still nothing, not real surprised.

    I was shifting the trans by hand to make sure it wasn't just a mis-adjusted linkage.

    The next step is to see if I have line pressure I assume.

    But any points of interest would be greatly helpful.

  2. Ryan351
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    Ok so this is stupid. Figured it out. The book says to orient the pump to whichever way the engine rotates. Well my motor is a LH or CCW rotation engine. So I installed the pump for LH rotation. Well what the book doesn't tell you is that its supposed to be installed for which ever way the engine rotates looking at it from the front of the motor, which of course is RH or CW. So my pump is oriented wrong.
    thankyou Jim at ebasicpower
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    You may have figured it out by now? Just noticed your posting
    My 10-17 Velvet Drive does NOT have RH, LH markings! It shows Direction arrows with the word "TOP". You should orient the oil pump with the word Top at the top of the trans and the arrow pointing to the RIGHT [direction of imput shaft rotation]

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    you got it!
    and the shift lever goes forward for forward
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