Velocette : a nesting dinghy for fun sailing

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Dolfiman, Jun 19, 2022.

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    We open this thread together with @Veloceruss as we have collaborated on this project since Russ started his thoughts late 2019, shared with you through 2 former threads :
    I would like suggestions for design books | Boat Design Net
    Hot Rod Nesting dinghy | Boat Design Net

    Russ wanted to build a dinghy for sailing around anchorages to add the pleasure of small boat sailing to his cruising programme, when at mooring in beautiful bays with his First 42s7. First specifications were :
    ** A nesting dinghy to use for fun sailing, not a yacht tender (i.e. not a rowing or motoring dinghy).
    ** Length ≤ 3,6 m , Beam ~ 1,30 m, Load : main sailor 85 kg, max ~ 140 kg , Free standing rig with a sail of 6 to 7 m2.
    ** With one sailor on board, the ability to plane in a good breeze and to enjoy an efficient hull in light air, just cruising along.
    ** The boat would not be sailed in rough seas or winds over about 18 knots.
    ** Strip planking construction is envisaged, with aiming a bare hull weight of about 30 kg.

    So we are pleased to share with you the development of this project, through the report attached about the concept, the design, the construction and the first sailings of this nesting dinghy, in which we detailed our thoughts and iterations at each step. 2 short videos are here below.

    We hope that could be of some interest and welcome your comments.
    Velocette sailing in 8 to 10 knots of wind - YouTube
    Another clip of Velocette in Tyrrel Bay - YouTube

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    A dandy dinghy indeed, Dolfiman. It has a lot going for it except that it is a more complex build that a more rudimentary S&G type.
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