VdS Moorea 45 vs Dix Vicker 45 ac

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by drmacchius, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. drmacchius
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    Iì d like a Blue Water wooden one Off Sailing boat suitable for the Mediterranean sea as well as north European Ocean and seas. I' d like to use it in atlantic and indian oceans.

    I found only theese two Plans.

    Which hat a chieper Construction?
    Which is faster?
    Which is more safe?
    Which is a more modern plan?

    Moorea has a wonderfool lift keel and a verz interesting deck saloon.

    Vicker has an interesting radius chine construction und cutter rig.

    What ist better?

    if there was a larger version (18-19) of the Moorea, suitable for the navigation with onlz two Persons, it would be my drem boat
  2. drmacchius
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    drmacchius New Member

  3. Willallison
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    I suggest you contact the designer's and ask them about the construction costs and any other question's you may have.
    It will not only answer your questions but give you an insight into how helpful the designer might be during construction
  4. Guest62110524

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    I would choose the vds,
    the world knows them, especially Europe
    the plans are very very detailed
    the boats look hansome, beautiful sheerlines
    all this adds up to----------- resale value
  5. Guest62110524

    Guest62110524 Previous Member

    look at this, looks like it is going to sink by the stern, the sheer is awful
    you must build a pretty yacht, it cost same as one, well not so pretty:))
    the sheerline is the eyecatcher on any design
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  6. Guest62110524

    Guest62110524 Previous Member

    now compare this yacht, the sheer? She is 54 feet , too large for you maybe?
    my last build
    Stick with VDS
    oh and I can sail this yacht myself, the furlers are baymar electric, the boom is Leisurefurl, in boom furling as used in superyachts, the winches are all hydraulic,
    things I would change, no runners, aft lowers instead, slab reefing with stack pack, and lazeyjacks
    If you are dead serious, and pardon me for saying this, the designer and myself could make you a good offer, we could also accomadate your special requirements
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  7. Guest62110524

    Guest62110524 Previous Member

    I have never pushed my boats here, but thats going to change
    Once I advocated a pay system for people who earnt their living from designing building, but there was no support:))
    so here you are
    your ocean cruiser, should have a transom like this IF , you cruise in warm waters
    and a belting like this too
    and a hansome sheer too:))
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  8. drmacchius
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    drmacchius New Member

    I would be sailing the seas of northern Europe (Normandy, England, Denmark,
    Sweden until the Lofoten islands and Iceland) where I live, but also in the Mediterranean where I was born.

    Well I nedd a lightweight and agile boat to sail with light and variable winds near the coast in mediterranean areas,

    but also robust in order to navigate smoothly in subpolar areas ore ocenas.

    I need a lift keel to be able to moor in shallow waters or in the ocean tide also for high performance

    in deep-sea navigation.

    the boat must have a large aft cockpit to fish in peace, or possibly to lie self in the summer on telescopic sundeck platform,
    but It must sufficiently sheltered from the cold winter navigation or freezing wind in the seas of the north.

    It must have a small deck saloon with a large nav station and a small sofa bed that can be used both for navigation withcomplete crew
    by day and night as BED with the cut crew. the rest of the deck layot must be flash deck.

    so is my ideal boat!

    which of the following projects can be more easily modified to meet these characteristics?
    What seems the most robust boat between the two?
    Which one with the best performance?

    which of the two and 'most versatile? So what of the two Easier navigation from Iceland to the Caribbean islands,fron
    the Spanish Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean?

    if neither of theese is good for me and if you do not know anything that meets my needs between 13 and 14 m,
    do you know something between 18 and 20 m in length?
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