Van der Stadt Randmeer / Trotter / Trotter-Pandora

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Rachael, Aug 20, 2008.

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    What's to be said in favour / against Van Der Stadt's small boat designs? I'm thinking in particular of the Randmeer / Trotter / Trotter-Pandora.

    We've just been looking at a 1970-ish drop keel version (TP268): undoubtedly a less impressive performer than the fin-keel version... but clearly more suited to trailering / sailing shallows as found somewhere like the Norfolk Broads.

    The owner's association website is pretty informative and has links to some good reviews... and all comments I've tracked down elsewhere have been positive: all concerned seem to think Pandoras are fun, dingy-like dayboats with cruising potential that knock spots off similarly-sized floating caravans... and I've yet to encounter a detractor.

    What I haven't yet established is how practical this boat is for trailer-based day-sailing / overnighting with just a slipway as access: I appreciate that once she's on the trailer we could trail her easily... and suspect she'd fit the bill on the water... but if we end up spending 2-3 hours getting her up and running and have even more major battles on our hands getting her ready to trail home we'll end up with a bulky garden ornament....
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    I sailed with a Randmeer once and I thought it is very much like the Centaur. Although Centaur and Randmeer yachtsmen won't agree with me on that.

    I am amazed by the designs of Ricus van der Stadt design as well. I am told that if in that time Ricus van der Stadt would had to design an Americas Cup yacht he would have had the winning yacht because he was one of the first to have not a longkeeler with attached rudder.

    When you build a ship like that it's very easy on the tiller in seas but when it comes to turn on the spot it's hopeless.

    I once had a very unnice encounter with a 5.5 metre during a start with a dragon because I couldn't turn on the spot. I had no choice than to T-bone the former dutch champion. She (Mistress) will never be the same. But I saw Vic already bought a nice modern. I really hope she wins the nationals this year.
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