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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by GoranO, Apr 12, 2020.

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    could you assist me in identifying Van De Stadt model? Info on hand: built 1972, length of vessel 7.89 m, width of vessel 2.50 m. Tried their official site but can't identify the model based on the info or images. Hoping someone recognizes it.

    Images below:


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    Welcome to the Forum Goran.
    Have you purchased this boat? She does look very fine.
    Is the hull made from steel, with a timber composite deck and cabin, or is she all timber, or......?
    She appears to have a cantilevered spade type rudder, which was pretty much a Van de Stadt trademark.
    That doghouse though does not look like a Van de Stadt design - I guess it was added on afterwards.
    There appears to be an 'extra keel' below the main keel in the second photo - or is this just an optical illusion?
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    Hi bajansailor,

    not yet but we are considering it. I believe she is all timber. Interesting observation about the extra keel.

    Here is the interior:



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    I guess that could be a Van de Stadt Caranan. That's a plywood boat that could be had as a keel-centerboard boat, much like the Randmeer class Ricus van de Stadt designed in the same period.
    Originally that type looks like this one: Van de stadt Caranan uit 1966 te koop op

    Which would mean that not only the doghouse was added later, but also the scoop and an extension to the cabin.

    Here's a picture of another one that was for sale until recently. This one also has the extended cabin.

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