Van de Stadt Dogger or Super Dogger

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by roseandpaul, Oct 17, 2006.

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    roseandpaul Junior Member

    Can anyone help a pair of newbie sailors and restorers with a full set of plans for a Van de Stadt Super Dogger?

    We have plenty of work to do - mainly on the decks which have areas of delamination but also generally - not least of all to remove multiple layers of "weathershield" type household paint.

    Any help, suggestions or words of encouragement would be much appreciated. Minx II now resides on a swing mooring on the Swan River in Perth Western Australia and I would love to be able to discover some of her history.

    Rose and Paul
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    The only other Super Dogger I've heard of in Oz is "Cedalion" from South Australia; a Hobart entry in the '60s. I believe that her owner was Dick Fidock who I think is still sailing from Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron or the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia. They may well pass on your contact details to Dick Fidock if you tell them what you're after and he may be able to help.
  3. roseandpaul
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    roseandpaul Junior Member

    Super Dogger or Dogger?

    Thanks so much for getting back to me - I will ring those two yatch clubs and see if I can be put in touch. Does anyone know what is the difference between a Dogger and a Super Dogger? Minx was described as a Super Dogger and I can confirm that she really is a super Dogger and a super boat!;)

    If anyone is interested the attachment is the first picture I took of her when we first saw her prior to purchase. Photo is taken on the Swan River in Perth just downriver of the Canning Bridge and not far from the South of Perth Yacht Club.
    The attachment has been fully checked with AVG antivirus and is clean.

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    Hello Rose and Paul.
    I feel your frustration at trying to find information about your design.
    I have a Van De Stadt Seahorse (check my users gallery), and aside from the original plans that came with my boat, the only other information I have found is from internet and personal word of mouth.
    No doubt you have heard of this book
    apparantly the only thing in there on my design is a study plan, which I certainly do not need. Maybe it has more on yours.

    Good luck,
    Nice boat.


    EDIT- P.S. Seaspark provided me a few good links on this thread. de stadt
  5. roseandpaul
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    roseandpaul Junior Member

    Hi Hans,

    Thanks for the information on the book, I will check it out. I have been interested to look at your pictures - there is certainly a family resemblance there. I noticed that your mast looks to be keel-stepped where ours is mounted on the cabin roof supported by two heavy bulkheads with provide the heads area to starboard and a chart table to port, just aft of the V-berth. I have not been able to find a builder's plate anywhere but I believe that several Dogger/Super Doggers were built here in the West.

    I am going to try to contact Milan to see if he is able to discover if there is any information in the VD Stadt book. I am happy to order it if it will be a help.

    There is a great deal of wasted (inaccessible) space on Minx and we are looking at the option to possibly install some extra cockpit lockers to replace the "coffin berth" - which would give me the horrors if I had to sleep there!
    If anyone has any good ideas for construction - the simpler the better to suit my carpentry skills - I would love to hear from you. I am also looking for ideas to make accessible for storage the space outboard of the settee berths. Again, any good ideas that people are willing to share would be much appreciated.

    Rose and Paul.
  6. iansheppard
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    iansheppard New Member

    supper dogger

    Hi guys, I just came across this old thread on the forum, which i have never used before and thought i would let you know i also have a Supper Dogger here in WA. Busselton to be exact. She is out of the water since August and awaiting a decision on her future. Probably a restoration after the new baby starts sleeping a bit. I do however have a pretty comprehensive set of plans if rather tatty you might like to know about. If interested let me know. Regards Ian...

  7. Yanno
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    Yanno New Member

    About the boat.
    It is a Dogger, 34 ft. drawn by Rikus van der Stadt who died several years ago.
    This man was a unconvincional thinker.
    Details on/in the boat show that.
    Par exemple:
    The rudderblade, the height downdeck, the keel, the moustache when you sail in front on the waterline, the " geveegde kont " at the back on the waterline.

    Till today I have a wooden Dogger, wooden mast, wharfbuild, mahogany wood/plywood + 50 drawings and every nail, screw on paper.
    I sail the boat on the NorthSea between Holland and Great Brittain.

    If anyone needs detail information, just let me know.
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