Van de Stadt 29 Sea Dog steel

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by eiltrenova, Jun 22, 2011.

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    Thanks Jeff, yes there is so many things that get thrown away because of aesthetics or the extra knot and everyone forgets that every time this happens we are simply damaging our environment. I am surprised there is not a section in this forum that covers environmental days our seas will change colour from turquoise to grey...

    best wishes, andre
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    So anyone that buys a used boat in your area must supply full plans in order to register it? Or, couldn't you just submit the info. sheet you attached in the original post of this thread?

    Plans should be paid for when buying a boat, so the designer can re-coup at least a small amount for the time he/she has invested. But, I agree with Andre & Wynand that; for someone wanting to register an existing boat, a basic lines plan should be available for cheap, or free. Maybe in a few years from now I'll feel differently? I don't know.
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    Angélique aka Angel (only by name)

    Agree with that, but until post #6 there was no information on this thread that this was about an existing boat. This was revealed here by CutOnce and Mike. Andre could simply have provided that information but instead he choose to go for rude comments and some indeed interesting clouds of words that alas didn't provide any information about his request for used plans. It is his good right do so as it is mine to dislike the rude comments following a misunderstanding due to the lack of information from his side on this thread.

    Mike & CutOnce, thanks for the fill in of that information gap, much appreciated [​IMG]

    from post #7
  4. eiltrenova
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    Angelique, I cannot really see where I posted rude comments, so I cannot apologise at this stage or discuss things further.

    Mike, in Spain and I think across the EU I believe that in order to register a new boat plans are required. In this specific instances this boat does not appear to be registered anywhere and the owner cannot be found, therefore it has to be done as a 'new' registered boat...

    Best wishes, Andre
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    I just looked at the vdstadt website, but this Sea Dog (or zeehond in dutch) isn't even listed on their site anymore.

    I expected the 60 euros to be for just the study plans. But for a 30 footer (the vita) they charge 35 for the study plans and 800 for the building plans (either steel or aluminum).

    Did you get that quote for 60 euro's from vd stadt themselves? If so, I find it a very reasonable price for the costs they actually have to make to send you the plans. It will take them at least an hour to print them and send them :)

    I did make building kits for most of their designs and found the drawings (at least the ones I did, mostly from 1992 and later) very good.

    Edit: I did find the plan on their website, the design is from 1977, and it seems that it cannot be bought anymore.
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    If you can't afford 60 euros for plans then you can't afford a boat.


  7. eiltrenova
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    but I can affort to pay a drink to you, next time you are nearby feel free to come a long for a good pint

    best wishes, Andre
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