Vacmobile collapsible catchpot for resin trap - vacuum infusion processes

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    Introducing a collapsible catchpot for the Vacmobile RT19 resin trap used in resin infusion:

    PS. Our purpose-designed vacuum systems are now used by composite manufacturers in over 55 countries.

    For real world demonstration of vacmobile:

    Vacmobiles simplify and improve vacuum bagging processes such as resin infusion. Here’s how ...

    For infusion type processes the critical factors in regard to vacuum are:
    1. Avoiding air leakage into the laminate
    2. Being able to easily verify that there is no air leakage into the mould or bag prior to infusion
    3. Achieving maximum air and vapour removal from the part prior to infusion
    4. Avoiding porosity caused by water and solvent vapours
    5. Maintaining a controlled level of vacuum until the resin has gained acceptable strength
    6. Achieving the foregoing in a productive and cost effective manner.

    The first factor is a function of the choice of materials, moulding system and laminator skill. Through attending to details such the long term leak tightness of joints, ease of control and system size reduction and mobility (allowing Vacmobiles to be placed physically close to parts), using Vacmobiles optimises the remaining factors. The benefits delivered by Vacmobiles are:
    1. Better vacuum in the laminate (because the potential for vacuum leaks is much reduced and tube lengths are shorter)
    2. Faster and more reliable leak testing (drop testing)
    3. Simple control process right at the point of use
    4. Zero risk of work in another part of the plant causing a loss of vacuum (because Vacmobiles are intended to be applied to one part at a time and not shared across multiple parts)
    5. Less capital cost than a permanently piped system of equivalent performance
    6. Less energy usage than a permanently piped system of equivalent performance
    7. Much more flexibility of use. Very easily relocated at negligible cost if needs change.
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