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    Hi all,
    I have owned GRUMPY for about 5 years now. Right from the start I found that the Skeg is not the correct angle to suit the bottom of the boat. It calculates to be about 1 deg miss match. The current Skeg is 12 deg and I have had trouble finding any information regard 13 Deg Skegs. Has anyone got any ideas how I can pack under the Skeg to suit the boat, it requires about 6 mm of packing at one end and none at the other.
    Hope you can help

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    Remove the skeg ,mask up around it's footprint, sand the area ,mould up layers of cs mat ,cut to width but reducing in length to bias the thickness as you need it. Press the skeg with shaft attached gently into the mix ,support it ,and leave to dry. Cut the squeezed out excess with a stanley knife whilst still green ,then flocoat the surface to waterproof it. Re drill the holes and refit the skeg .You will never have to think about it again. PS pre-wet the mat on a board ,it's easier on the armpits.
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