USN/darpa plans "sea train" of linked unmanned boats.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Squidly-Diddly, Jun 2, 2020.

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    The Navy Is Hatching a Sea Train
    Whatever, but seeing the good seakeeping of jet skis with attached, hinged rear section, I've wondered if a hinged boat could work in big waves. It would a different wave/boat relationship than the PWC/trailer. It would be a displacement vessel and idea would be the hinge reduces the amount the hull has to 'fight' big swells.

    In other news, US Army was going to auction off its fleet of landing craft, meanwhile the USN is day dreaming about creating a fleet of....pretty much same thing the US Army is trying to unload. If only they all had one big building to share they could get together on stuff like this. Give the building four, no five sides.
    The Army Abruptly Pulls Ship Auction Listings And Halts Plans To Slash Its Naval Fleet
    Navy Wants To Buy 30 New Light Amphibious Warships To Support Radical Shift In Marine Ops

    Army was talking about auction price of "over a million" for their boats, and the USN is talking about "in the low $100 millions" per ship for their latest idea. I'm running low on beer money, who else wants in?
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    On the Mississippi, a linked set of ships is called a barge train.
    Nothing new, except making a "cute" looking rendering of aerodynamically shaped boats.
    Who needs aerodynamics on a "boat".
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