Using SOF as part of the boat design

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by silentneko, Jan 30, 2014.

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    Also the concave shapes you're going to get with this approuch, aren't desirable for anything other than low speed craft and even these will suffer a bit, compaired to the usual shapes employed.
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    On my small scale tests I've been able to produce some pretty interesting shapes, but this smaller folding skiff will be a slow river boat powered by a small outboard or troller.

    As for the terminology, well if you say I'm making a piece then I'm making a piece I guess, lol. Turd or not it will be an interesting experiment. Where fairing is concerned, I don't see how this will be any more difficult to fair then the other plywood or strip boats I've built. The "piece" will be supported with a simple exterior cradle while it is turned and the benches are installed. I've supported other hull shells this way before and it works well.

    I'm sorry if my process offends you, but I'm gonna give it a go, and if it doesn't look like a polished diamond then so be it, it will be scraping oysters and banging against seawalls anyway.
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    That's where I originally got the idea. I might even buy a sock boat kit if it were still around. Heck I even dig the shape.

    I have no delusions that this might turn out to be a disaster, but I also think this could be a viable and cool alternative to build a smaller one off boat instead of cold molding or stitch and glue.

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    I want that magic paint from frame 39 -dab a little bit on the fabric and POOF! they are casting off with the whole family in frame 40!
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