using a 3.5hp briggs for a longtail, is it to small?

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by acdc96, Jan 4, 2015.

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    Hello all,

    i am currently going to build a longtail mud motor for my 91 sea nymph 14k, i live in a tidal area and my dock is on the mud at low tide. but i rarely come back at low tide. i do leave at low tide, i use my 1988 nissan 18hp to power my way out of the marsh to the main river. but its to much strain on the prop and spins the hub. its about 1/2 mile to the river from my dock. at dead low tide its a foot deep of water in the middle. my boat drafts 8 inch with the motor up and weighs around 650lbs with gear, motor, and people.

    i only have two motors, both are 3.5 hp Briggs & Stratton horizontal shaft engine.

    would one of them be powerful enough to push my boat through the shallow water salt marsh?
    it does not need to be fast, thats why i got the 18hp on it [30mph],
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    Yes it will, you'll be surprised at how much power that little briggs puts out. Nice low down chugging with the right prop. I'm pretty sure you can now buy long tail props from go devil motors down there in Louisiana. In the past they would only sell you a prop if you had one of their motors, I think they changed that now. If not I can get you the email ad. for another shop down there that sells Louisiana mud buster props.(cool name eh?) I've built several long tails the last one being a 16hp vtwin briggs. Too much fun!! Briggs came out with a 37hp vtwin, what a hoot that would be. Or how about a Harley evo vtwin? Check out Predator Outboards on line.......................later..g
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