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    Where to find used equipment not from ebay

    I would like to know of any good sources other than ebay for used marine equipment. I need to cut costs and want to rely heavy on used parts. Looking for items like windows, steering wheel, throttle controls, radios, sounder/gps, horns and other hard to manufacture parts. I'm mostly looking for online sources..

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    These guys are great! You can find all kinds of things. I was there in Ft Lauderdale over the winter and they have:

    *Steering Wheels
    *Throttle Controls

    You can order online, but calling ahead is a good idea to be sure the item is exactly what you are looking for. Better yet, get out of Iowa for a week and take a trip to FL in January to line up a huge order! ;)

    There is far more available there than they list on the website. You could build an entire boat from used stuff there.
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