Used ~18-23ft rig/parts boat suggestions?- ~25-28ft mast w/ ~200-260 sq ft sail

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by illan_voyager, Aug 19, 2022.

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    I picked up a cold molded 21ft sm cabin 1600-1800lbs swing keel unknown monohull with a 24ft alu mast, 3x4" oval section, overall light-duty, single spreader, single side stays- that could use significantly more sail area

    --I'm fixing up on the cheap. I could optimize with rig/mast I've got but the mast needs a sleeve & for around the price of a new genoa I could likely find a complete used retired racing rig, parts boat

    ANY suggestions on what specific boats/rigs I could or should look out for in terms of "decent or better performance wise" monohulls or "somewhat heavy/sturdy" yet, ideally, non-rotating & potentially reefable... beach catamarans, in this size range?

    roller furling boom or boomless might be a bonus due to how the boat will be used, hence thinking of looking into more of the beach cats.

    Current -------------- Want
    mast height 24ft ---- ~25-28ft
    sail area 165 sq ft --- ~200-250 sq ft
    J 7.5 ft ----------- could go either way about short bowsprit /assym setup or closer to "stock"
    E 8ft ------------- more boom length would be ok/good

    I'm thinking something like catalina 22, cal 20, Holder 20, Prindle or Nacra 18, but haven't dug too deeply (at all) yet- Will of course reinforce as needed, and do my own research on the cross-section.
    ANY suggestions or input greatly appreciated
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    J24 comes to mind, a little on the extreme end of what you want, but plenty available. Might need to retrofit reefing points, many racing sails don't have them. Angled spreaders, might be a problem.
    Sail area: mainsail 137sqft or 151sqft (racing), 100% jib 125sqft.
    P - 28ft
    J- 9.5ft
    E- 9.8ft
    Mast section, 4.90"x3"x0.090", 1.6lbs/ft, Ixx = 3.5", Iyy = 1.4"
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    Hello I-V,
    I proposed to something like this a while back with my Southwind 21, concerting it to a Catalina 22 rig, and the conclusion was that the 'juice' was not worth the 'squeeze'. Since I had a rig and ill-fitting sail, I got the sail re-cut and am content with the new status quo.

    Re-rigging a small sailboat (Luger Southwind 21 to Catalina 22)


    Could you post pictures of the unknown mystery 21 hull? Specs sound like mine too, 1800# and 24 foot stick, single spreader, no backstay...Cold molded sounds interesting too.

  5. illan_voyager
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    I will get some better photos asap. There's a j/24 for $ 1000 (not great sails wise) I guess I should go look at , but I think that may be much too big . Its more like a dinghy mast rig weight/etc wise now
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