Use of Accident data!

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    What do you think about the way Accident data is analysed and used for accident prevention around the Globe.:rolleyes:
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    That's a pretty general question. Can you be more specific? Which accident data? What accidents? Boats? if you make it more specific or identify what you think is a problem it would be easier to answer.
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    Depends where you draw the acceptable risk line.
    Some legislation is so over the top as to be ludicrous, other legislation falls well short of the mark. Even countries where saftey regs are laid down by strong trade unions have a certain rate of fatalities similar to that apalling accident you posted.

    Overall in the western world we have never been safer, look at the accident stats from 50 years ago.

    What was the source of the photograph ? Relatives might not like to see it on the web.


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    You won't positively impress many folks with that type of thing. It's just sad. Images like that leave an impression - and they should - but posting it on the web smacks of immaturity. I'm not sure how to explain that, except that if you think about how your question relates to the image, there is no reasoning at all.

    Consider taking it down - it won't help your cause.


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