USCG Stability Test for Power Trimaran

Discussion in 'Stability' started by mike w. schultz, Feb 10, 2020.

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    The existing cruise ships are visually disturbing in ways I can't explain, it seems to be a case of continually upping the ante, I guess boredom can set in on those cruises without more novelties.

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    Like others have said, you'll probably have a very hard time getting your stability approved through MSC. There are limits on passenger crowding heel angle, immersed freeboard, etc. Plus you'd need to provide a lines plan and your own analysis, preferably with a computer model.

    However, your local office can supervise a simplified stability test (SST) as you'd likely be classified as a monohull and you'd meet the other criteria. This is effectively a simple form of inclining experiment where you use actual weights of all gear and passengers. Your route (rivers, etc) would dictate the criteria that need to be met.
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