USCG Boat Builders Handbook 2021

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by DCockey, Oct 21, 2021.

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    Updated and reformated USCG Boat Builders Handbook 2021 edition is now available online. This document is primarily for builders of boats intended for sale in the US. Included are the regulations for recreational boats under 20 feet in length.
    Boat Builders Handbook –

    Also available are a series of videos intended for builders of boats for sale including a video about testing of boats for floatation requirements. These videos need to be watched to obtain certification prior to requesting an MIC.
    MIC Certification –
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    Am I missing something? There seems to be no mention of sailboats.

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    There is no specific mention of sailboats except where they are excluded because the Coast Guard does not regulate sailboats specifically. However, if the sailboat has a gasoline inboard then the electrical, fuel and ventilation regulations apply. For instance:
    Subpart J—Fuel Systems
    Source: CGD 74-209, 42 FR 5950, Jan. 31, 1977, unless otherwise noted.

    §183.501 Applicability.
    (a) This subpart applies to all boats that have gasoline engines, except outboard engines, for electrical generation, mechanical power, or propulsion.

    The wording is the same for electrical systems in 183.501 and ventilation in 183.601
    It's worded to include all boats, whether power or sail. There are other such regulations, Hull ID numbers (all recreational boats) and Navigation Lights (all boats with navigation lights)

    In the regulations for Safe Loading and Flotation, sailboats are excepted; that is the regulation does not apply
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