US Navy Prototype Sub(diesel-electric) Chaser

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Doug Lord, Apr 1, 2016.

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    It moves right along, huh!
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    I'd think a sub-chaser would need to show some speed in big waves and stormy weather.

    I'd think a DARPA mega-bucks project for an unmanned sub chaser would be something like a Colombian drug smuggler semi-submarine.

    Or something like this. 5.htm

    But it looks like the trimaran is the military boat of the future.

    When will we start seeing civilian wave piercing trimaran power yachts?

    Sure they take up more space at the marina but maybe the small floats could retract.

    Would it be possible to blend Wave Piercing with Semi-Planing and with outriggers?

    I'm thinking you need the WP for rough water, but the semiplaning would raise the hull out of the water just enough so the outriggers would be clear except when kissing the tops of waves.
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