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    Hi All,

    I'm a graduate student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA studying Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. I'm looking for a challenging internship at a design firm, ship yard, or major corporation in either Ship Design, Offshore Engineering, Ship Production, Marine Engineering or modeling simulations.

    My thesis will be in Set Based design methods and I'm also pursuing an independent study in Vortex Hydro Energy. I have experience in model testing and experimentation at MHL at UM.

    I have an undergrad in Aerospace Engineering and I have a lot of design experience in many undergrad and grad design-build-test projects. I have a year's business/consulting experience also.

    I'm proficient in Rhino 4.0, Maxsurf Pro, AUTOCAD, Matlab and C++ as well as a variety of engineering software packages.


    Design Optimization
    Ship Design
    Offshore Engineering
    Stability and Maneuvering
    Aircraft Design
    Systems Engineering

    Certificates: FE/EIT (Engineer-in-Training) Exam passed

    I'm looking for an internship this summer from anytime between May to August. I'm open to travel and work anywhere in the US, EU, Korea, China, Brazil and India. I would especially appreciate an internship in DC, Virgina, Texas or the Pacific Northwest.

    I'm new to Boat and if you are interested in a hard working and motivated intern please reply below so that I can send you my resume and transcripts.

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