Urgent Window Advice Needed -Leaking... Falling off!

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by snowbirder, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. snowbirder

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    What I found out through Google:

    Large sheets of polycarbonate (mine are approx 4x8, size of a sheet of plywood), are not installed using adhesives due to the exceptionally large coefficient of thermal expansion polycarbonate has.

    So.. my gut reaction to make tiny frames was the right thing to do. This is how large polycarbonate sheets are installed. They are floated in the frames,with silicone used around the edge if needed.

    My frame design (already in use on the front sliding windows) will be made a little smaller and does not require any type of sealant on the poly carbonate itself, yet doesn't leak.

    I have to admit, I kept one thing PAR said in mind when designing these track frames... "water is kept out by making its path complicated."

    I am posting this in case other people need this knowledge.
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    Some photos would help.:D
  3. snowbirder

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    Can't find the link anymore. Greenhouses are made from large polycarbonate sheets and installed in tracks to account for thermal expansion over large sheets.

    It was a big pdf.
  4. waikikin
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    See, there's the thing, follow fashion, get the look. The "look" is from 20+ feet away, the details if carried out neatly should be accepted as good workmanship. You could also use a blackout primer to back face of sheeting & also simply use an unequal alu angle around perimiter with fastenings, the verts could use flat- this could be prepainted in gloss/satin/matt & the screw heads coloured in later.
  5. snowbirder

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    Wow... this heat is something else!

    No wonder my windows are giving me grief!

    The polyurethane hot melt I use on trim and these window frames has a 1 minute set time. Here it is 2 hours later and it's still gooey!!

    Summers here can really mess up your work schedule. May have to start working nights. Ugh

    I kind of did that, Jeff. I used wood/epoxy for trim in many places. This is one of those places as well.

  6. resynth
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    Bonding with vhb tape

    Hi Snowbirder

    Which vhb tape did you use?
    Did you also use the 3m primer? Which one?
    What is the length of your windows?

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