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    Dear Gentlemen,
    Good day.

    We are Zamil shipyard in Saudi Arabia, we are applying to a new boat building project with the following requirements:

    Boat type : Firefighting & Search and Rescue
    Speed : not less than 35 knots @90% M.C.R. at Full load
    Length : 15 mtr
    Beam : not less than 4 mtr
    Design draft (max. about) : 1.2 meters (or As per approved design)
    Total Crew : 6 persons
    Mono Hull (proven hull)
    Material : Aluminum
    Total firefighting capacity of (6000 GPM)
    Main engines : Twin Diesel, 4 Stroke, Inboard
    Jet Propulsion

    If you are interested, kindly send GA and specifications to my e-mail:


    Tender is limited to 3 days only.

    Magdy Khattab
    Engineering Project Manager
    ZAMIL Shipyard
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    Hello Magdy.
    Do you need a good naval architects for this project?
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    It seems that the deadline for submission of bids ended a few days ago. Anyway, pretend that, with that SOR, and in 3 days, someone present a "GA and specifications" tells us that something very serious/professional was not required.
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