Upgrading to larger boat.

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Mychael, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. Mychael
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    Mychael Mychael

    I am seeking opinions on a list of boats that I will post.
    Basically (in the longer term of about 2 years) I plan to upgrade to a larger boat.
    I'm trying to reduce my list to no more then 3 (and preferably less) designs to look at.When the time comes there will be variables such as what is actually available, cost,condition etc so this initial post is just asking for very generalised feedback on certain designs.
    Some names may not be familier to readers outside of Australia and conversly some designs may not be easily obtainable here.
    Sorry for this long lead up to the list but I'm trying to give a clear idea of what I'm looking for to reduce less relevent (to me) replies.
    Ok here we go:

    1/ It needs to be able to be easily handled by two people, one if neccessary.
    2/ Comfort and features for comfortable extended time on the boat for 2 adults and room enough for 4 adults for a week or so.
    3/ Good access to the engine bay, around 25hp motor or a bit more.
    4/ Good fuel/water capacities.
    5/ Monohull sailboat (as opposed to motorsailor).
    6/ Preference for long keel (as opposed to bulb type) and skeg rudder (as opposed to spade).
    7/ Good strong rigging but not racer style complex.
    8/ Fibreglass construction as first preference but could consider steel/ferro etc. Too much maintainence in wood.
    9/ Not a "slug" needs to sail well enough for day trips as well as passage making.
    10/ Size probably up to about 30-40 foot. Personally I think mid 30 foot range is the "Sweet spot" in terms of size/cost/ sailabilty.

    So the names I have are: (In no particular order).


    As to feedback, all I am looking for at this initial stage is opinions as to a particular model meeting my preffered requirements. The inherent quality of a particular design and anything else readers feel would be helpfull to me.

    Thanks in anticipation.
  2. timgoz
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    timgoz Senior Member


    Check out the Robert's 36. The raised/flush fordeck version is simple, strong, and has a huge interiour & abundant deck space.

    The steel version with small pilothouse is my particular favorite.

    The R36 would have better light air capabilities than a comparable Spray.

    I hope your search is fruitful.

    Take care.

  3. MikeJohns
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    MikeJohns Senior Member


    I sail an Adams 45 by myself in all weathers, The key to be able to sail with one or two is to set up with roller furling headsails a jiffy reefing main and some form of autohelm or windvane then you will have no trouble with any boat in your size range unless she has some very poor qualities.


  4. Mychael
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    Mychael Mychael

    I have looked at a privately owned Roberts (not for sale). The owner is retired so lots of time for maintenance but I did like the the boat. Damm the engine room was so clean and white!! I hate him lol.. Not really but I was sure jealous.
    The only drawback with his particular boat was that it was set -up for luxery for two. Sleeping accomodation for 4(even for short time) ws a bit limited.

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