Update on my first project

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by jonesy256, Feb 28, 2010.

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    update from: http://www.boatdesign.net/forums/wooden-boat-building-restoration/my-1st-project-28440.html

    Hello all im sorry about the very late update but school has started up for me again and i work part time and also do 2 casual jobs on top of playing sport so i find it hard to find time to get on here 9im only 16 as well haha)haha
    but anyways the boat is coming along great we have been talking to local boat "guru's" around launceston and have managed to put the front piece in or as BHOFM kindly pointed out the "pointie part".
    We made it down to the wooden boat festival this year and had a good discussion with a fellar who used to build clinkers.
    Dad has started using Epifill (recommended to us by the local boat store) on the "boards"(BHOFM feel free to correct me ) on the bottom (forgive my knowledge of boating terms its pretty bad) between where the planks/boards overlap.
    We used Siccaflex to put in the "pointie part" and some marine epoxy (R-34 from memory)
    and thats about all right now
    i am in the process of trying to con dad into letting me sand the whole boat back to the original wood and varnish but he just wants to paint it
    but we did find out that its all lead based paint so we have to be careful that were wearing all the safety gear when stripping the paint.
    What Do You Think Would Better paint or Varnish?

    Although i will add a few corrections to my original post:
    Price we bought it for was actually $450
    our boat is all King Billy apart from an annoying piece or rotting wood that is in the middle of the inside of the boat
    and after looking at the Ribs they are all fine so no rib repair

    i will upload photo's ASAP thanks again everone and once again apologies for keeping you in the dark =D
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    Fun project by the sound of it.

    Re the paint/varnish debate, I think if you want to parade the boat around wooden boat shows and impress enthusiasts, then varnish it.

    If you actually want to get some use out of it, paint it.

    Its only sailors who need their ego stroked that go for 'dining room table' boat finishes. If you just enjoy the water and personal experience, varnish is all too much hard work.
  3. jonesy256
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    thanks rwatson yeah we've done quite a bit of siccaflexing and epifill'ing so paintingg is the way and sorry everybody but as my brother has one of those fancy cameras im having trouble uploading pics will get them up ASAP =)
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