unwaxed fiberglass resin no air dry?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by wrbowcal, Aug 12, 2012.

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    The stinger on my speed boat is just curing now and I used unwaxed resin,can I just leave them unwaxed?I dont have any air dry here now.Can I brush a layer of epoxy over them?spray paint what would work for today so I can get the floor on.Its just a beater boat I can race around on now and then.

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  2. ondarvr
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    There is no need for airdry (wax), just leave it as is, no more work is needed.
  3. tunnels

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    I am only asking thats all !!
    Why did you use woven roving glass over you stringers do you think its really strong ??
    Just stand back and have a close look at the way the strands are running !!
    Do you realise 50% of the glass is doing absolutely nothing and is just there for the ride and just adds weight ???:confused::eek:
  4. ondarvr
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    Not to put words in his mouth, but I assume because it is easily purchased locally, low in cost, easy to use, what the boat was made with, it didn't fail in the original build and it works. Plus the amount of weight saved in a project like this would be measured in ounces’ (grams for most reading this), so not enough to stress over.

    So it's sort of a non issue.
  5. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    Over all Weight has nothing to do with it !! Take a look at the strands of glass !! which ones are actually holding the stringer and doing what its there for ???? what are all the others doing ??
    Like i said 50% or that glass is doing absollutly nothing !!! As for the boat being constructed from with roving it is a totally differant issue and has not the slightest thing to do with the stringer !!
    so can you tell me what would be a better way of glassing a stringer like that ??
    Theres 2 glasses that are perfect for that purpose and 100% 0f the strands are holding the stringer .
    If its 800 gram thats there you could use 400 gram of the other 2 and still have a better job !!.
    One in particular is slightly better than the other, which one ??? and even lays better what is it ??? ,

    Ply on edge has a inital stiffness but under high loads collapses and fall over on there side !! so its just for show but not a lot of go !!:p:D:p
  6. ondarvr
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    ondarvr Senior Member

    I understand exactly what you are talking about, but its still a non issue in this type of situation.
  7. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    A non issue that the stringer under load will simply fall over ?? You should come to china and work they dont understand structures either !!!or how to use glass to get the best from it !!
    So what two glasses would be better ?? clue !!!!
    Sorry make that three!!
    doulbe bias ???
    or triaxle ???
    or woven roving ??
    think about it very carefully now !!:?::confused::( oh my God thats a little confusing !
  8. ondarvr
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    ondarvr Senior Member

    I understand structures very well.

    Please explain why it held up for 30 plus years and even with rotten wood it didn't fail, and the original build used roving. So did the tens of thousands of boats built up until the mid nineties when stitched fabrics became more popular. Just because the “best“ product wasn’t used doesn’t mean it will fall apart on the way to being launched.

    You can use the same argument for epoxy, its better in almost every way when compared to polyester and VE, but still the vast majority of boats are made with a combination of VE and polyester. They hold up fine for their intended purpose.
  9. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    How much do we really understand about what we do !!

    In the coming years you will find boat companies trying to find better ways of using the same old products .

    Think now of all the stitched glass we use what do they all have in common ???
    whats the one thing ??
    yes its glass but what is it about the glass thats the same in each one ??

    Whats the one thing i used to write on the bottom of most of my posts and replys ??

    Have you really ever disected any of the glass cloths fabrics or what ever to see how they are constructed ??
    Have you read the spec sheets thats availible for all those differant glass products out there
    and have you thought why the hell do they make a cloth thats like that ??
    I always wondered why the glass companies had strange cloths that really made no sense the way they were made .
    Its even more confusing when you go to the workshop after specifying a particular cloth to make something and find the guys laying in have cocked it up and its all going the wrong way when they were give exspliced instructions it had to be laid this way not that ???
    but why ??
    its because the other way is stronger??? What??

    I had 2 samples of glass and resined 300mm long x 25mm wide ,both cut from one layer of cloth and nothing else one bent quite easy the other was noticably harder to bend !! why ??
    theres no tricks and there no prizes !!
    They were both from the same sheet just cut and one piece turned over . Why would one bend easyer that the other when all was the same off the same sample !!. Can you explain why ??:?:

    It was 0/90 the cloth it was made from !!

    I am quite often asked how come your boats are stiffer that what we been making but we still used the same materials ?? .
    How is it possible !!

    There are not tricks its just plain simple logics that no one seems to have cottoned onto yet .
    Composite engineers have this right at there finger tips and most dont know it yet because they havent picked up and held in there hands and looked at the products they specified to see how its made !!!!.
    Just one word ?? what is it ?? ;)
  10. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    Oriantation !:eek:
  11. BPL
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    Do you specify stringers with the core wood providing the strength or used only as a form for the fiberglass?
  12. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    The oriantation of glass strands within the laminate stack Can make a big differance to the way the hull behaves and how it performs . if its a soft riding hull with panels that will flex or a hard riding boat that dosent have very much flex and is a body breaker,and yes if you use the right glass it will stay together and not fall apart so . Flex and twist its all been said before :D
  13. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    so what are you left with ??

    When the wood rots and falls apart and get water logged and heavy what are you left with ??? :mad:
    when the wooden stringers on edge crack and break and delaminate , what are you left with ?? :eek:
    So if you want stringers that will last what should you use ????
    So why bother using wood or plywood in the first place . :confused:
  14. ondarvr
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    ondarvr Senior Member

    I will stick with what was stated in post #4.

  15. rxcomposite
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    It is always better to cut the WR at 45 degree angle with the desired width if you don't have or could not obtain a biax. That way, all the fibers will align at +45=45 degree when laid up over the stringers, frame, longitudinals. It will need care in laying up as it has a tendecy to stretch or close in, reducing the cut width.

    The web part of the stiffeners receive shear so with a +45-45 orientation of the fibers, both direction are functioning. As tunnels said, if done with 0-90, the 0 degree fibers just "goes along for the ride" not doing anything at the most except at the portion of the cap (or face).
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