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Discussion in 'Education' started by Bernardo-Brazil, Mar 30, 2011.

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    I recently graduated in Production Engineering in Brazil but I would to get into a Naval or Nautical Industry.

    I thinking about pursuing a postgraduate degree in Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Yacht and Boat Design or something like that. I read the latest threads about some universities but I didn't see nothing about Italy, France, Portugal and others countries in Europe that could have good universities with some course like these.

    Do anyone know about some university?

    Could I do another course what is not a some graduate degree and I can learn more about Naval Architecture?

    Thank you..!!:D
  2. Frosty

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    I would check out your immigration options before getting your hopes up.
  3. BYDE
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    it depends on which languages you speak fluently enough to attend the course, as they won't be all in English
  4. Bernardo-Brazil
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    Only Portuguese and English yet...
  5. memme
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    I just graduated in Yacht design in Italy, Genoa.In Italy you can do such kind of courses in Milan or Genoa. For a postgraduate degree you can have a look to these links:
    (this is actually only in italian)
    You have some other courses in Rom or Ancona but these are new so I don't really know if they're good or not but I can assure you that those in Milan or Genoa are good and interesting.
    You could have some problems with the language, but I know my university offers an italian course before beginning of the courses so i think if you speak portuguese you'll learn italian quickly!
  6. pistnbroke
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    pistnbroke I try

    Britian will let anybody in ...just googe Postgraduate Marine engineering UK ....Three to choose from..Gonzo should know..courses start september so loads of time to sort it out ......got a big wallet??

  7. JRMacGregor
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    Your country is embarking on a HUGE programme to build shipyards and to build ships in those shipyards. These ships will be drilling vessels, floating production vessels and oil tankers to develop the offshore pre-salt oilfields. Also to build bulk carriers to take iron ore etc to China.

    This is one of the largest expansions of shipbuilding in the recent history of the Western world. Shipbuilding is all about PRODUCTION ENGINEERING.

    These yards will need LOTS of people.

    A lot of people from Europe are trying to get involved in that programme. Mainly by selling marine equipment into the yards.

    You could perhaps get a job in one of these yards directly with your production engineering background. Shipbuilding is much more than simply designing ships (that is in many ways the easy part). It is about designing them to be built and designing the yard facilities and production processes to do so efficiently.

    I guess you are aware of yards like Wilson Sons, Keppel and STX (for smaller vessels), and new larger yards like Atlantico Sul and others for the larger vessels ?

    But if you don't want to get involved in that programme, I am sure there is a maritime university in Lisboa (Portugal). Cannot remember the course just now.
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