universal shaft strut?

Discussion in 'Props' started by svfrolic, Nov 8, 2011.

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    svfrolic Junior Member

    I need to replace shaft strut on my sailboat and I was thinking about using one of this universal struts
    The thing is I am more familiar with this type of strut which is bolted thru the hull like my old strut was. The problem is I couldn’t find strut with dimensions that would fit my boat so I think about the universal strut. The question is what would be the best way to attach it to the hull; just glass it in…?
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    I took a quick look see around for an adjustable strut I saw on a boat recently but couldn't find one. It might be a good option if you can. It was bolted or glassed into the hull (can't remember) but the barrel was bolted to the leg so its angle could be adjusted and it could be removed for bearing replacement.
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