Uneven Wake Pattern 50HP Outboard

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by wheresbob, Jun 13, 2008.

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    Bob, you got the weekend, take a sheltered water ride and snap several shots over the stern to see what is causing that water to lift.....
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    Uneven wake, case closed

    Well, thank you all for your feedback on my asymmetrical wake pattern! Today it wasn't present so I am going to assume I did not properly "lock" the outboard when the pattern occurred. That might make the shaft bounce up out of the water when turning and accelerating and who knows what else. What a comedy of errors my owning a boat has been so far! Thank goodness I remembered to put the plug in before she hit the water this time! Great forum, thanks mucho! jt

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    Hip Hip Hoooray, Thank you for the "entertainment" - points distributed as payment....:D:D:D:D:D ? :p:p?
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    maybe its worse then he's lettin on,,,,maybe he forgot to unstrap from his trailer and has been riding around the lake with a trailer unda him,,hehe ;)
    wells bob,,,looks like for ONCE i was wrong,,hehe,,the solution didnt cost ya a ca-ca load of money ;) ,,glad ta hear ya got it straitened out :)

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    Your motor would run better if you raised it about 4". The anti-cavitation plate should run just below the transom when the boat is on a plane.
    It also looks a little like the motor is not perpendicular to the transom.

    Try to get rid of the cable and pulley steering, not even sure if it's legal anymore. It's definately not safe.

    And BOLT the engine to the transom before going out again.
    I was in a boat that had the engine flip up on the side. We spun around so fast and long that the other guys got sick. I was in the bow and managed to crawl back and turn the key off. We made 4 full revolutions after the engine stopped. BTW, this was a USCG boat!!!

    Lastly, put the screen back in the water intake.

    Good Luck,
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