Uncoupled Heaving Motion|Damping coefficient

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    I am currently studying about ship dynamic of marine vessel , and for the reference/ book I used :
    Dynamics of Marine Vehicles
    by Rameswar Bhattacharyya

    There are something I don't understand how to determine value Amplitude ratio (A) for heaving motion. I get the 3 data: [(We^2/2g) x Bn, Bn/Tn, dan βn] to obtain the value amplitude ratio for heaving and the data for determine which curve should used . And I still don't get the value of A , amplitude ratio even there are curve and 3 data .

    And I give the picture of curve to determine amplitude ratio and table of data.

    What I am worrying is there are formula to get the value of A , and I can't find the source of information of that . Please Help me.

    And Thank you for the time!

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