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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by fenfen, Jul 18, 2017.

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    If one pitched the two ends of taffy consistencey hdpe (theromforing) to from a racked bow, is it possible with out folds or stretching to much? Shape wise...it's like slapping dough onto an oval bowl. Idk if i am imaging this working right...help?
    What kinda examples of raked bows with quick transitions to full belly hulls do you all know of?
    Secondly i plan on fusion welding small blocks to the inner hull and then perrallel with the hull put a bolt thru attaching to a bulkhead. How much poorer (or the same) than perbenducular to hull into bulk head like normal?
    Another side question is, as the triangle is stronger than rectangle, why don't ship use a triangular lattice? Just look at a Bridge.
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    HDPE is not very rigid and only works on small boats like kayaks, or in foam filled boats. Ships do use trusses. What makes you think they don't? Also, can you explain what you mean that a triangle is stronger than a rectangle? I am not sure what you mean.
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    fenfen....There seems many question marks around your idea, I can see real problems in handling large sheets of material with the "toffee" consistency, it could all finish up on the floor in a heap, and no-one gets any contact burns, if you're lucky. Control of the procedure, seems immensely problematical. As I mentioned elsewhere, a small-scale trial to get a feel for the difficulties involved, would be a good idea. Rapid cooling and hardening of the sheet, would mean the time available to do it, would be very limited. Getting a fair surface seems unlikely. Orthodox methods might be boring, but alternatives have to be practical.
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