Ultra Thin Carbon Kevlar Hinge Application To Boat Design

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    Hello, This post is more about informing the boating design community of a new technology that could have some interesting applications within the marine industry. Let us know if you have any questions or want to know more.

    Up until now the worlds thinnest hinge has been our 1.6mm ( closed thickness ) Carbon Kevlar hinge, with our new Ultra Thin hinge we have halved that thickness to 0.8mm for only a 20% reduction in static load strength.

    Designed specifically for electronic devises where weight and space are at a premium , the hinge is made for the extraordinary Trextreme spread tow carbon prepreg in combination with a more tightly woven lighter Kevlar.

    A 50mm long hinge can hold a 120kg static load, can arc thru 360 degrees and is tested to 1 million cycles.

    Being so thin the hinge can only be bonded in place and has a peel ply surface to provide the best possible adhesion.

    The hinge is available from the www.carbonhinge.com web site in lengths up to 300mm in widths of 18mm and 25mm.




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