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    Did you actually look at the video link of the boats I posted above. I believe the blue mono is a canting keel carbon fibre vessel. Not 100% sure. You would need to check with Doug.

    Also I think his foiling tri outperforms the mini 40s. Again you would need to check with him how it goes against them. I don't think it is a prone to pitchpoling either.

    Rick W
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    ST-why is your rule so restrictive? Even if you used a canting keel it wouldn't work well at all in model sizes with a relatively narrow beam like that(when canted the keel would exceed the beam rule). The F3 is without a doubt(I think) the easiest to sail FAST boat around(same two channel system everybody grows up with) and like Rick says it doesn't pitchpole.But it is 72'' wide and 59" long! You should know that radio control has come a long way in the last few years and the possibilities of multihulls or monohulls with movable ballast,gyro assist, asy and sym spinnakers is much easier than when I first did it 15 years ago. You could build a really hot skiff or foiler or cat or tri now with gizmos that would bring rc sailing into the 21st century IF you don't get bogged down in antiquated rules that have kept rc sailing in the 60's and 70's far too long. Good luck and keep us informed..
    Here is a boat that I don't recommend(microMoth) but that in an improved two meter version would be a candidate for the "ultimate rc yacht" and a couple of pix of the Melges 24RC with asy spin and on-deck movable ballast:

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    has the micro moth ever foiled?

    i was thinking that the hull would be 30 cm wide and the keel could exceed that i dont really think a foiler would be suitable i was thinking something more like leopard 3 but in a scaled down sorta thing

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    Yes,but not well-needed several things including f&a movable ballast. But produced flashes of great speed just before a spectacular crash. No reflection on the concept-just faulty(I shoulda known betta) design. R&D....
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