Typhoon a new and free program for foils

Discussion in 'Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics' started by TyphoonUGent, Nov 17, 2020.

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    Typhoon is an open source free and easy to use software in which you can calculate any hydrofoil design you want. You get:

    1. static force and moment calculation giving you forces, moments, as well as the overall lift and drag you get for a predefined forward speed, trim and elevation.
    2. static equilibrium calculation (Newton Rhapson) gives you the trim and elevation which results in an equilibrium vertical force and moment around Y (external forces are assumed to be constant). For example, if more lift is needed for your mass, the trim will increase and/or your foils go deeper in the water (resulting in higher lift forces). The forces and moments you get are net forces so almost zero.
    3. stability matrix indicating if the foiling ship is stable: If you give it a kick will it return to an equilibrium or get a nice splash? You need to like eigen values.
    Happy foiling!

    MTD - UGent https://typhoon.ugent.be/about.php
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  2. baeckmo
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    baeckmo Hydrodynamics

    Nice work, thanx for sharing and thanx to the gents in Gent!
  3. revintage
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    Thanks Alec!
    Very interesting to watch all the tutorials. Will now try my design with your and MTDĀ“s software.
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  4. Dave_S
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    Thank you for this, it looks to be just what I'm looking for. Great video tutorials too.

    I just posted asking for help with T Rudders on a cruising cat. Hopefully with this I can come up with so something myself.
  5. Antares
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    Antares New Member

    Thanks for sharing it!

    I'm interested in learning more about foils. This will definitely help. :)
  6. Carl Henrikson
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    Thank you so much for making this available and for the great tutorial videos!
    Does Typhoon support 5-digit NACA profiles? I would like to make a simulation of a hydrofoil with NACA 63412 for the lift foils and NACA 66012 for struts. Maybe close equivalents can be found in 4 digit NACA foils if 5 digit foils are not supported?
  7. revintage
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  8. S V
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    I played with this nice software ~ year ago, and now I cannot start it. It just does not start at all. The PC and Windows installations are the same
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