Two Unusual Multi-hulls

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by cmaas, Dec 27, 2021.

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    The closest boat is Russell Brown's new power cat. Russell designed and built it beautifully in composites. He has just completed a 400 mile trip up into British Columbia using a mere 29 gallons of gas to run the 20hp Suzuki outboard. I hope Russell will chime in on this thread with particulars about the boat. It really is an amazing piece of work.
    The boat in the background is my Hobie 18 converted into an electric hydrofoil. It is nowhere near as nicely made as Russell's boat but it works. Here's an article about it:
    PB130043 (1).jpeg

    IMG_1435-1.JPG IMG_1437-1.JPG
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    Here's some photos of Gizmo flying: DSC_9980 (1).jpeg DSC_9987 (2).jpeg
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    Was the foiler listing to port or was this a picture turning a bit? Russell's boat looks like it could use an enclosure. 400 miles pnw probably got wet. Was it a prototype for the hulls? Because the skiff portion seems a bit less than ideal. But the fuel numbers are truly incredible, so makes me curious to want to know more.

    oh, silly me, I can see the wake and it is in a turn
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    Right. There are foot pedal controlled ailerons on the tips of the main foil that control roll. So banking is controlled by the pilot.
    I come up with 1.125 gallons per hour for Russell's trip if he was doing 15 knots. I think he has some sort of dodger he can fit. Though he did say it was a chilly trip. Port Townsend up into British Columbia somewhere.
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    Cool boats! I could see Santa borrowing Russell’s if his sled broke down. And Gizmo looks like it would be a blast pilot.

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    Nice boats! and I really enjoyed the article at
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